Anyone nofap and no sex?

anyone that is also rejecten voluntarily sex?

I believe that people should have sex only within marriage.


Yes I’m doing hard mode … I believe it will increase the opportunity to experience most benefits of nofap faster … also I can’t have sex until marriage for religious reasons.


Sex aint really a usual hobbie of mine anyways, it would distract be a distraction for me on finding who I am! it just makes my no No Fap journey a lot easier Semen rentention all the way bro!

I am catholoc so I should not have sex before merriage. I am virgin now so I am doing hard mode now but when I’ll meet someone Special maybe I’ll also start to make love


Despite the fact that I’m religious and shouldn’t have sex before marriage, I have actually decided to never get married or have a relationship. I believe that having sex will make you ejaculate which has the same damage (or almost the same) as masturbating. I’m confident that I can live peacefully and beat my urges easily, thanks to my 3 years of trying to do NoFap but constantly falling, I’ve learned so much through the time.

Wow. That’s stupid :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:. I don’t mean to offend you but marriage doesn’t mean ****. 70% of the people who got married are now divorced. If anything marriage just ruins your life…


Hallo guys, I am doing no p.m.o. from 47 days and it is my first attempt. I want to be free of addiction and I will have sex only when I overcomed the sex addiction(I want to decide not to save to do it).

In my case, because I have been fapping for so long, I need to stay abstinent from both fapping and real sex, guys remember the problem is not porn or touching your stuff, the problem and the addiction is ejaculating, when you ejaculate you release essential body energy, and other chemicals that make it so addicting, and that leads to you feeling the way we do, and leads to do it almost daily so if u want to have a better control of it you must refrain from ejaculating at all. If you have a spouse you must come clear and honest and talk about your problems, and am not saying don’t have sex, but you must have a schedule otherwise your body and mind won’t see a change, and things won’t get better.

Im triying also nofa no sex, learning to manage this. i have spiritual and therapy reasons

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Dont you feel repressed sometimes? How do you manage that?

Don’t worry. You don’t offedend me. But, I’ll make love just with my husband. It’s my decision.


Oh serene you misunderstand, i am in the same boat, and i feel like that sometimes, i wantet to know, how you all manage that.

Jajajaja Comprendí perfectamente!
La respuesta no fue para ti, @Ari81. Fue para @NoFapMaster69HD. :rofl:

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Jaja ok serene, como fue un comentario debajo de my post pense que era para mi :slight_smile:

It is true what you said about an ejaculation but I was thiniking about it and I would like to know Your opinion. Well the masturbation rehab is important for us also because we want to finish with our addiction but also to improve our sex life. As I said I would like to find this one special woman and I think I will want to have sex with her. Unfortunately I completely do not have idea when I will be able to make love? I mean I have fapped for 14 years and when it will be safe for me or what is the sign which will tell me ‘Ok, from this moment you can’ ?

I think you should stay abstienet for as long as you can now that you are single, as I said in other posts, because we have masturbated for so long our body and mind are used and wired for it, so in order for your body and brain to detach from it you must go thru long terms of abstinent, while also working out and doing things that benefit you, make you look better and give you confidence, how long tho? Well am not sure it depends on case by case, I would say if you can stay clean commitedly 90 days, you should be able have sex and not fall back on masturbating daily, and it should be easy to stay clean for long periods and not have bad urges. It’s a whole process and hard work, but I can assure you, you will feel better, people will notice a positive difference and you might be able to enjoy sex better, also do research on how to be better in sex of that’s also a goal of yours.


We ,Muslim guys :grin::grin:.No fap, No sex before marriage. Both are great sins.

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In my case the issue isn’t just religious. You can call me a deluded romantic, if you want. :joy::joy::joy:

But, analyze well: If a person is so important to you, if you love so much as to you want to marry this person… So, i think, is a person for who worth saving your body, your mind and your heart. A person who deserves your respect with your body, your mind and your heart.

Sorry my poor english.
I’m learning yet. :sweat_smile: