Anyone milk their prostate instead of fapping?

It does not result in orgasm or refractory period, no prolactin is released. It is an evolutionary life hack for males, yes it’s addictive but voice stays deep and balls stay full of sweet sweet sticky semen that is usually depleted and causing brain fog issues for chronic fappers.

Who here has had a prostate orgasm? Can I substitute it in place of traditional primal chimp era penis stimulating masturbation. Does sticking prostate dildo in ass make me gay?

Bro. U have the answers


I dont knwo if yours serious or not lol


i wouldn’t if i were you, im pretty sure you’re still soaking your brain in a dopamine bath if you do that. might even be worse since there is no refractory period meaning you can stick that shit in for hours on end. sounds to me like your addicted brain is trying to bargain for a way to get that dopamine fix.

if you still feel like doing it atleast for the love of god stay the fuck away from porn while it happens


I think its the same. Maybe not the exact same effect compared to pmo. But its stimulating thus the dopamine pathway which is the main reason of NoFap.

And also once stimulated, you Can’t be sure that youll leave your dick unattended and without love. Its conspicuous mysterical anatomy and as the most magical part of the body, l dont think its a good way to go.

I think this Nofap will only be achieved by substitution method. There’s no other way. And the ones succeeded were usually had grown a new habit thus a new perspective of life or the other way around. Change in mind and body. Dont matter which one goes first.


I only tried it a few times thank God I live in a full house or I would be tempted to try it more. It got me to a nofap streak now I’m meditating and threw away flesh light and toys. Thanks for feedback, dopamine is one hell of a drug and overpowers our rational thought.

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10/10 thread lmao.

Would read again.


If you want to recover from pmo you gotta take the necessary steps and that’s avoiding any stimulation, no matter what its all about the dopamine do not entertain it in anyway or form


Stop sticking things in your ass and find a woman.


sry 4 necro but best thread created lmao.

It’s still a dildo which is a penis form of a male organ. Lol.
Not gay huh?

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I tried but nothing happened it was so much pain. Eventually I had to jerk off. Though worst come after after coming the guilt, shame, its :100: time more than shemale porn and the pain if you have stuck something bigger so I’m not looking forward to sticking something I’m my ass.

It’s the same as regular jerking off only difference it feels different cause you don’t have the friction of your hand stimulating you.

Not sure who told you that milking your prostate doesnt contain semen but it does when it leads to orgasm, thats how sperm banks help guys who have trouble “donating”

Just don’t do it, you’re gonna be releasing dopamine in your brain and then you’ll become addicted then want to spice it up and next thing you know you’re back to square one.

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