Anyone else who think nightfall is the result of micro desire?

Many fellow mates consider wet dreams as a natural process and not to be regretted for having one. But as per my experience we cannot ejaculate without our conscious permission.

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Yes It is a result of micro desire.
Also it occurs because of excessive masterbution.
Sometimes if you continue your streak for more days then there is a chances of nightfall. (That doesn’t mean break your streak)
It is also result of your thoughts.
If you wake up early then chances are less.


Why do you think that wake up early is associated to not experiencing wet dreams? @SupperShiva

I think you’re right.

I remember the entire dream. It happened around 6:30am if i had the practice of getting up early. I would have not had wet dreams.

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I agree with you it happens because of micro desire, but how that micro desire gets planted into the mind?

In my opinion, I would say an urge wants you to go back to PMO, you can control the urge but the desire about PMO would be planted into your mind already and most of the time we will have dreams about the things which is in our subconscious mind and that will lead you to Wet dream!!!

I remember reading in an article, wet dreams can be avoided if you empty your mind before sleep and the answer to that is meditation. I’ve been following this but still I had night fall few days before.

If there is any proven way to avoid night fall please post here, it will be helpful for everyone.

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I don’t think by waking up earlier alone we can avoid wet dreams because it can happen at any moment of your sleep.

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Yes It can happen at any moment. But if you observe carefully most nightfall happen after 4 AM. There is less chances of nightfall before that. It’s My personal experience.
Main reasons-
Excessive Masturbation
Watching Porn
Over thinking about sex
Stress & eating habits
Disturbed sleep


Long ago i used ashwaganda powder twice a day. Which is a cure for nightfall. Also a mood stabilizer. I think you should try @EvilMorty

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Thanks, I will surely try it. Is there any specific brand you would suggest?

I brought from local ayurvedic shops in loose packet. So i don’t have idea about the brands. I guess buying from local shops would be better. Orelse you can always go for patanjali stores and pick one.

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For me nightfalls are uncontrollable and we can only do a conscious decision to stop masturbating or thinking before go to sleep, meditate and so on. But when we have fallen asleep wheather we did meditation and not thought about sex before the sleep or not, when we are asleep we are out of our control and whatever happens there is no reason to feel any guilt or another associated feelings

Well wet dreams are controllable
Ever notice when nightfall occurs??
Its never happened out of blue and all of sudden from no where
Wet dreams occur when u r dreaming something explicit and something that arouse you…
Well human have tendancy to forget there dreams when they wake up
But when that happen
There is always a choice to wake up immediately
But very less of them do

In case of nightfall, its the result of our lifestyle in general. What do we gives inputs from our 5 sense organs which affects our emotions and thought process. And lastly being the current state of our NoFap or Semen Retention i.e. streak. This is because a person with a longer streak will have better chances to scenario in his mind thereby relapsing less on nightfall (only for Semen Retention aka Hard Mode).

Now coming onto the remedies:
Avoid easy access to things which gives instant dopamine rush.
Eyes: Porn, nudity, social media etc.
Ears: Listening to music about bob and vegans. :stuck_out_tongue:
Nose: Aroma of rich food which makes you salivate.
Tongue: No processed, spicy and oily foods.
Skin: Touching yourself.

Now dopamine is essential neurotransmitter therefore its must to have it but only in correct quantity and thats only possible from natural and peaceful sources.

Doing above will help greatly in rewiring the brain but to amplify is greatly please do such tyoes of tasks which not on develop you physically but also mentally, emotionally, spiritually and energy levels.

Well toned Kegel muscles and correct sleeping routine is equivalently important.

Lastly, keep a journal of small tasks done in bullet points. Incase you miss or get something wrong, journalling itself will get that negative emotion out on the paper. You can also refer back to the daily tasks you have been doing daily if you are feeling low, youre ought to feel great.

Peace be with everyone.

Dreams are our suppressed energies. Anything that you try to suppress will manifest in dreams. So in my opinion we shouldn’t call it as natural process. We should take responsibility to avoid it.

My discussion is not about nightfall is good or bad. But to validate without our 1% involvement nightfall cannot be possible.

Both fapping and nightfall results in discharging of semen. Whereas fapping requires 100% involvement and nightfall requires 1%

Anyone with examples who had no nightfall experience without being addicted to pmo would help this discussion.


Majority of my night fall is a result of suppressing my urges. But sometimes I get nightfall without suppressing urges( when I’m on high streak ) .
It’s a controversial topic. We can’t say exactly it’s natural or not


When i was like 15-16 years old I hadn’t known the porn and do not masturbate at all. Also had wet dreams in that time


But generally I don’t care if i will be have it or not. For me the most important is to stop porn and councious masturbation

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Being in no Fap from 90 days, nightfall was frequent in the beginning. Nowadays when I am about to ejaculate in my dreams I come awake and am able to control 90% of it. I was about to have one yesterday and I controlled most of it.
But to instantly stop I need to learn kegel exercises. Any thoughts guys. I think if we control this we will not loose semen at all.


Need to do kegel exercises. Any sources from where I can learn them?

That’s the good news for everyone. But this is a higher level of the game. Congrats anyway!