Anyone else feel like they're trying to improve too fast?

I mean, I guess we’ve all been there before. In a place where we want to get in shape and (or) smarter, but a few weeks later we crash. Suddenly we’re back in the gutter doing the same things that made us feel miserable or stuck. And it feels like there’s no way back.

Nowadays I’m better than was a few months ago and I’ve built a few habits since, but I’m still afraid I won’t be able to stick with working out/cardio, for example. Any thoughts?

Thanks for reading or bearing with me. Just writing this helps me out a lot.


Yes. Some solid advice I received once was instead of trying to be perfect overnight, implement a new habit once a week or even month. If you do that you will truly be in a better position later on. For instance if you are worried about cardio, I’m a runner, do the work, just run or whatever you do for cardio for as long as it takes for you to get a better dopamine response from that and to establish it so firmly in your being that you couldn’t imagine not working your heart like that. Also if you take warm showers, the last 30 seconds or more if you can stand it do cold or slowly splash cold water on yourself as much as you can stand. This will strengthen your vascular health and will boost your motivation for the day. In my own case, making a freaking plan and sticking to it is essential and if you makenit so that it is and you believe that it is indeed better than fapping you will have more resolve to stick to it. Who cares if you mess up? Better to instead of fapping everyday to try to be better and at least establish habits while you climb the mountain top. That said, I’m a novice, but I am committed because I’ve seen what happens when you don’t try and it isn’t what I want in my life. Good luck.


Be determined and focus on setting up habits, not on motivation.

It takes time for work out results to be seen. But once you work out, even after a break, your muscles will build up faster.

Work out changes you significantly if you do it for 6 months at least. Ive been doing it for close to 8 months now(benefits of lockdown. There are other benfits too, use them aswell @permaculturalist )

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Thanks for your answer. I admire people who dedicate themselves to running. I can’t even leave the house because of my history of social anxiety/agoraphobia. But I still do my cardio routine at home because I believe in how important it is.

I’m certain no PMO and resolve will help us achieve our goals. Thanks and stay strong.

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I feel the same problem…

I feel like why am doing nofap too fast(as I am only 17), why do I want to get up early( as no school since lockdown),
Why do i want to take cold shower in winter, why am I practicing discipline…

I get frequent thoughts like these brother…

But when I researched about this…I found that our subconscious mind only looks or wants for comfort…so it tells us y we have to do it…
(The voice you hear is actually from your subconscious mind…and not from the conscious mind)

This is also called as flatline,where you feel like demotivated after working out or going to gym for a some time…

In nofap process, it comes after 40-50days(which i haven’t reached…and trying too)

Only step to overcome this is to ignore it and tell yourself that it is essential for success and keep proceeding…

I used to write my goals in note and read those when I feel a flatline…u too try it)

Cheers brother,

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Thank youand everyone else for your words. “I’m sticking to the planning because it’s good for me” is going to be my mantra for now on.