Anyone else experiencing this?

I was on a three week streak recently and then i relapsed. Since, last saturday i have relapsed each day and at night i am having either nightmares or sleep paralysis.

So, For the past three nights i have been unable to sleep properly. Any one has similar experiences to mine?

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You are making simple things complex
You are taking relapse to next level :joy:

Please take care of yourself :pleading_face:

That’s all from Satan he is making you feel this horrible things.
Or maybe u have recently watched any horror movies
That is stuck in your brain
And the scenes are flashing in your dream
Don’t forget that Satan Lucifer is not a winner he lost the battle against Christ.
And since this incident he became a looser before Christ
So you don’t have to fear this things you gotta surrender to Christ and he will deliver you


I also experienced it but when I returned to Church nightmares disappeared. In porn there is no good. When you watch it the evil has more access to you. Stop it.

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Yeah, it seems like that. I havent watched any horror films recently only so, it cant be the issue. That remains pmo, which i have been battling for 10 years. In recent years it gotten way worse. I had read somewhere that demons gain access in our lives through watching p and engaging in m which seems to be true.

During my last streak i also started going to church again, i hadnt been there in months.During this time i never had sleep paralysis, yet when i relapsed i had sleep paralysis that same night. I would avoid going because i would always feel guilty. This past weekend i was supposed to go, but instead i chose to pmo.i am really regretting that.

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No one is perfect. Don’t worry bro. Pray to God and he will be have you in His care

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