Anyone dare to challenge me?

Currently on a streak of 58 days… was on a streak of 119 days once… I fell from there once, and right now I feel invincible… I am feeling complacent and overconfident enough to say that I will never fap again, but that doesn’t mean I don’t know my limits.

All I have to do is to stay away from any erotic pictures, videos. And if anything appears Infront of my eyes, I vowed not to ponder about it too much and to carry on with my usual routine.

What is this sudden burst of energy…???

Anyone want to challenge me… add me as your companion… my code is -daaf29

and do share yours…

Thanks. :wink::wink::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle:


It is good that you again back on track. But please don’t be over confident. It is seen in many nofappers that around this time, between day50-60, they feel a sudden surge of energy and even go to the lengths of saying “I will not fap for the rest of my life”. But this is the time when most of us vulnerable. This is time when we think that nothing can make us fap. We start getting so overconfident that we sometimes even start challenging ourselves by watching a little video or pics and then say to ourselves “See, nothing can make me fap, not these nude girls, haha ,I am invincible”. But, the harsh reality is you will fall if you continue this way. The better way to deal with this is understand that you are feeling confident, use that confidence in doing something good, which you couldn’t do before due to shyness. Don’t keep challenging the fap monster as it will defeat you. Rather respect the monster, accept it’s presence and be vigilant.
I was just like you on my streak of 66 days. I hope you understand what I am trying to say. Here, an example from my diary, please do read it.


I challenge both of us, bro!
Here is my code : cub9qm
I have added you please you add me as well.

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You are right man… but I don’t know how to keep myself grounded. This feeling of overconfidence is still in there with me. I know that I am walking on a tight rope but right now feeling that I will never fall…

Added you mate… :v::v::v::v::v:

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Just appreciate the fact that you are in a good position and feel confident, then use that confidence in doing something that has great meaning to you, which you couldn’t do before. For example, you can ask that girl out for coffee whom you like but didn’t had the courage before or you can finally start learning a new musical instrument which you always loved but didn’t find the time to learn or you can go on that crazy trip or trekking which you always dreamed about but didn’t have the energy and endurance before etc. There are many options and pmo is not one of them, just remember that and you will be fine.


Add me. Whenever I get a little proud, I tell myself that I was able to do this only because God helped me. This saves me. I always depend on the Almighty. I tell myself that I cannot pass even a minute without God’s mercy, but with His help, I can cross 1000 easily. Best of luck!
Code: ld58kw (LD… in small)
#Humility is the key!


Bro, I only want to know. Did you not face any physical problems associated with no masturbation. I get afraid of this aspect, then the subconscious uses it as an excuse to get sexually stimulated.
I want to change it entirely, I am only on day 5. Seeing you so high was inspirational for me.

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I want to say navosh, we all have problems in beginning…
the pain in balls, pain while peeing; sudden pain in abdominal area while standing

but the thing is it goes away & it is there for your betterment

Do you think that nothing going to happen if you are ejaculating daily & suddenly stop all the way… my suggesstion is … slowly & slowly increase your streak… like keep it once in a week in starting… then once in a two weeks… slowly slowly keep on increasing your streak… so that your body can adapt to the new habit

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I was feeling down, when I started doing NO-FAP… there were many flatlines… I failed for about 100 times… but although I have had days where I didn’t feel well… but still it’s better than failing at no-fap . And in the end it’s worth it. Bro. Do hold on…

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I agree with @aapoorv75
Overconfidence is the reason for my downfall too.
Yesterday i was saying to all in last man standing…that if you are man enough beat me…
And today after my relapse… i am eating the mudpie…

life teaches you a leasson in its own way
dont be overproud,


Challenge accepted @babi also added you !
Day 14 here.

Open challenge issued to all, add me back.


Added you! I’m watching bro, so watch it haha


Added you as well… :facepunch::facepunch::v::v:


That’s the spirit @hellojaani … Let’s do this…:wink::wink::muscle::muscle:


You all already are fighting against each other in LAST MAN STANDING :smiley:


Ohh… that’s right man … :stuck_out_tongue:


My code: 5ca458573f76a5920

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I guess I don’t have to remind you of our little game :yum:. Lets make this challenge one that will become a legend among NoFappers. Lets make it last years and years :fire::fire::fire:. I am now stronger than ever. Hope you are as well. Dont make winning too easy for me, I promise I wont make it easy for you… THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING
-day 36 of our challenge btw-


Dude… I even mentioned you in LAST MAN STANDING group, but got no reply from you… thought that you forgot… I don’t know what will happen later on… But right now… I am burning​:fire::fire::fire::fire: with passion, energy…

If anyone is in a spinning wheel with me… either they will fall down first, or I will die - Will Smith.