Anyone benefitted with Langot/Loincloth?

Hi guys,
I am wondering, if anyone of you have used and benefitted from use of langot/loincloth?
What if I wear it in place of underwear? Is it recommended to use it during night too?
Please feel free to enlighten. Thanks in advance…


May I know why you want to wear it

We should use langots for our mind so that our mind doesn’t wander away.

Jokes apart, you should wear whatever makes you comfortable and is not a stimulating factor which leads to sexual urges. For example for me wearing those tight v-shape frenchies always stimulated my urges. It’s all psychological owing to your childhood and adulhood fantasies.


I read somewhere that it’s good for maintaining brahmacharya and stops nightfall. What do you think?

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Whatever you think helps you can try man. In the end it’s a mental game. If it’s a strong urge and you are going insane in your mind, you will in anyway throw away that langot and jack off. Besides nightfall is a very natural process and I have asked monk and teachers and they confirmed that nightfall is not considered as a breaking of Brhamachariya Sila. Nightfall will usually occur when you watch inappropriate pics or videos and think a lot about sex related stuff but try to suppress it later to avoid masturbation. This happened to me in my previous streak. So be careful not to watch any sexual content consciously. If it happens accidently try different kinds of meditations. For those who are always filled with lustful thoughts Buddha gave them meditation of Patikulamanasikara. Otherwise Anapana Sati and Vipassana is enough if you have sufficient practice in it.


Thanks for valuable comment brother