Any students can help me lay out a study plan?

Because of PMO, my intelligence is considered OK. Whenever I have lectures I always think about making a study plan which I never practically work with. I found out for a while that I am a visual learner, so I learned some by watching educational videos with anymation on YouTube, but most of what I study is not available to find online with animations.

For 1 and a half year I only got D-grades on my previous exams which upset me a lot comparing to my friends who all get C and B-grades, and because of that I question my intelligence from time to time. One of the reason is the way I write academically. I write like an animal which does not write with any subject related words (forget them all the times because of PMO). He’ll even a monkey can write better than me. The other reason is what I know or remember less during a 4-5 hour exam session because of PMO due to stress.

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First Remove your thoughts which are negative in nature.
Remove first P from Pmo
It will be tough but the moment our mind is nearing O it is most sensitive moment.
You can feed your unconscious with either positive or negative things in that moment.
So whenever you feel like you cannot control and are going to MO bring all positive thoughts there.
And be relaxed.
Secondly as you are here.
Try to explore many things which will motivate you not to go for MO.
Naturally MO is not at all good.
But due to our ill society it has become a common thing.
So leave all that MO as early as possible.
Regarding your Handwriting.
Write in printing format just as it is written here.
Practise daily a page or two.
Within a month you will find your writing understandable.
Maintain gaps between words. That is the key.
Start slow and move towards pace.
Regarding studies timetable.
Nobody can tell you.
But only you.
Just do this.
Take your syllabus.mark what you have to cover.
Start from easy subject and use the Pomodoro technique to increase productivity.
Once you are done with it.
You can then increase your study hours in the technique.
We fail because we don’t divide our huge goals into small ones.
Divide them in small so small as upto 25 min.
See what you can do in 25 min.
Do sessions 20 or 25 of 25 min daily and these small droplets of your hard work will be your ocean of success.
Have a nice time.