Any potheads on no fap?

I’m someone who smokes joints on daily basis. I hardly skip a day for some unfortunate or if for any other reasons i didn’t get time to smoke up.

Just wanted to discuss dopamine levels.
Like my longest streak for masturbation have been of 9 days(for oorn it’s been more than a month now and i don’t think I’ll ever go to porn again as it has started to disgusts Mee, even the thought of it) and I’ve had loved every bit of it even though I kept smoking weed .


Damn that’s some good insight.
So that means any kind of reduction in cheap dopamine leads to recovery.

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Are you stoner too?
No it’s not cheap dopamine…see we can’t just avoid all activities that lead us to produce dopamine we just gotta have our choices staight.

Like as a kid when you go to a park your favourite ride or swing has a huge que and your mom only allows 1 hour play.
So In this situation when you’ve tried all of the rides and they become stagnant…you tend to wait in que even if it means you get only 3 rides in one hour as oppose to 20 plus rides if you tried everything.
It’s all about choices


I am not.

Yeah I get your point.
But bro getting stoned is a form of easily accessible very high dopamine, that’s why it’s addictive.

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You didn’t get my point. I’m asking if it’ll be having any impact on nofap. From my experience of 9 days I didn’t notice much difference.

Tbh smoking a joint is just part of my everyday. Do not get it confuse with I get lazy afterwards.
I’ve done pretty intense and complex stuff even after I had smoked a joint.

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I don’t know bro, you said you loved every bit of your 9 days of no fap, that’s why I was intrigued.
That means reducing or getting rid of any activity that produces excessive dopamine flooding even if you are indulging in some other such activity, still leads to recovery of our dopamine receptors.

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