Any open minded company?

Sharing code - ekseb4
Current streak - 7 days
Highest streak - 15 days
Age - 21
Gender - M
Location - India

Why I want a companion - I alone get easily demotivated and I get into sexting, sharing my nudes on adult sites and masturbation. So I want a companion with whom I can make this challange to reach my goal of 365 days no fap.

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My code is rm9k73
Lets begin.

Not to burst your bubble, but I’d recommend to set realistic goals and take it slow. Or else you might feel worse after. Maybe aim for 30 days first then increase your goal as your streak gets higher.

My sharing code is q5ahe5 if you’d like a companion :smile:

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My Code vx09ne
Let’s do this

Let’s be companions
I also need to do this

4h749k my code
Let’s do guys

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This union brings me a lot of joy. This desire to see the other win enchants me and knowing that I am talking about different peoples and cultures united only by love. You are more than lovable soldiers.

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My code: o7sqcx
Yes :slightly_smiling_face:

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