Any one who is an athiest here, I just want to know your reasons for nofapping

I joined no fap because porn has become my escape from reality. I also waste a lot of time and energy fapping. I have lost all motivation to do any other work because my brain is addicted to very high levels of dopamine release because I fap about 4 times a day. My whole day seems to be gloomy and my brain foggy and tired so I have decided that I should stop fapping. As I’m an atheist (I respect all theist), I don’t have any shame or regret after fapping because I don’t see fapping as being a sin or wrong in anyway (if in moderation). I know my views on fapping are very limited, so if anyone who is an atheist out there who has stopped fapping, I want to know your reasons to stop.

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You must be in early 20s. I am a theist but i can tell you several other reasons to practice nofap, and no pmo.

  1. Quick ejaculation while doing real sex.
  2. Difficultly in being hard with your partner. (real people do not have porn star’s bodies)
  3. Porn induce erectile dis functioning , only porn will make you hard.
  4. Gradually shifting taste of porn, from mild to hard then extreme, intrest might shift to incest, sodomy, bondage, rape and even cp.
  5. Mind fog
  6. Concentration problem
  7. Forgetfulness
  8. Difficult to have relationship
  9. Increasing Introvertness
  10. Low self confidence
  11. Less friends
  12. Black circles around eyes
  13. Exhaust all the time
  14. Tiredness
  15. No self respect
  16. Weakness
  17. Unable to sleep without fap
  18. Time wasting
  19. Low respect to women
  20. Difficult to have real relationship with girls.

A theist or atheist? (sorry English is just weird sometimes)

As an agnostic, most of my reasons for NF largely tend to boil down to:

  1. Freedom
  2. Morals (mostly non-religious)
  3. Majority of people in my country are religious and as a result, tend to be against P and fapping.
  4. Having more control in my life.

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