Any older guys doing nofapp?


Hi I would love to know if there Is older guys who are trying to improve their lives after many years of porn and masturbation such as myself. I tried hard to quit earlier in life but time flew by so so quickly and now I am attempting again thanks to technological advances of apps like these . Oh how I regret it so badly all my life I wasted precious hours and destroyed my life but this is my only and final chance. I am 50 Years of age and all I see on this App and others Is youngsters so any other mature guys who would like to share their experiences would be much grateful and appreciated thanks.


I am 26 yrs old and i think i have wasted my whole youth from 15 yrs to 25 yrs. Of age.
Exactly 10 yrs wasted in energy wastage.

Do you think i can do better than you ?
Do you think from 26 to 50 that is 25 yrs. Approx. I can make a difference !

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You still can quit and enjoy the benefits of nofapp. You still have a great chance to date young women for years to come but when I was 26 which feels like only yesterday I had wanted and tried to quit then but the big problem was there was no internet nor any type of help nor any real reading material avaliable back then to be aware of such subject. Due to my fapping habit i had a bad marriage because i would fapp more often and not give attention to my wife but preferred watching porn on VHS or playboy channel on cable tv. It’s really regretting I hope you are more aware than me because their is help available now than ever before.


Dude. Awesome. I myself am a youngster, but I know lots of middleaged people with unsatisfactory lives who’ve just given up because they’re “too old”, or “it’s too late” or they “can’t change anymore”. The fact that you decided to grapple with this problem is awesome.
I wish you all the good luck.


Thanks it good to know that masturbation destroys relations.
By the way i am married for 2 yrs approx.

Can my married life become a heaven !


Yes but remember nothing can stop you from indulging extra marital affairs if you wish and only if you not enjoying it with your partner it could be because they boring in bed or they are overweight or perhaps they don’t excite you anymore. Affairs are risky but better than wasting energy watching porn which actually drives you away from actual sex on the long term. I had chances for affairs on numerous occasions but blew it by indulging in pmo.


I am happy with my partner. Actualy i have received huge benefits by going complete abstinance. So it has given me a hugh high. I want that high again in my life.

You would be surprised that i am no more looking for sex in my life.


I’m 30 yrs old and trying to learn good habit and quit PMO.



Hey brother from another mother, 44 years of age here, this is my first time that I’m very serious about quitting, I mean absolutely dead serious. fapping and I’ve been best of freinds and I’ve ben doing it since I first discovered it in my teens. First of all I don’t think it’s ever too late, second there is only Now and Now your making the decision despite of age anything else is dwelling in the past which is no longer relevant as it’s no longer here. Look I know this shit is hard that’s why it’s great to have support and community, if it’s mostly younger men then there’s a lot we can share from experience of being longer in this planet and for every one younger dude that I can inspire to quit and regain a healthy sexual life and proper social skills I feel as my own success but for now this is all talk as this is my first official day. May the force be with you all!


I was beginning to wonder the same thing, all I saw were young guys on here. I’m in the same boat as you. 48 and been regularly fapping since I before I could even cum. Now have PIED and have trouble even getting hard with my partner. Started nofap seriously a couple of weeks ago. I would be interested in discussing our nofap experiences.

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Hiya 36 years old. Pmo played a massive roll in my divorce. Which caused many negative knock on effects. I was so damaged after my divorce I went mental. Drugs alcohol prostitutes etc. Then i got into a toxic relationship. In a moment of madness and mind altered blurryness, we decided to have a child… man I was a mess. The good thing is that my little daughter changed everything. I didn’t want her to have a useless wanker addict father who couldn’t give her everything she deserves. The toxic relationship ended. I quit smoking weed and ciggeretes. The on July 7 this year I quit drinking and joined AA. Then July 31 I quit Pmo. It’s been tough because I’ve never really gone for so long without release. I am happy to fight pmo, but wanted to replace it by going out and getting laid. Also part of the AA program is to have a sponser, and he has helped me realise that random sexual relationships will be dangerous to my recovery, also there is no way I’m ready for a romantic relationship right now… bottom line… I’m doing this hard mode. It’s been worth it but fuuuuuck I’m battling at the moment. Anyway, staying clean for all addictions over this patch of time has changed my life tremendously. In my case, addictions prevented me from maturing properly. Now, I feel like I have finally started growing up. I look healthy, strong character. And I respect women again. It’s totally worth fighting addictions in my experience. Until I started doing so, I was just a slave with no power or direction in life.