Any NEET Aspirants?

Only 50 Days left and I am struggling very badly in my studies (obviously for neet). Any neet aspirants out there ?
If you want, then you can help me in some guidance or tips or in accountability for NEET exam.
And if you are also struggling like me then We can plan our syllabus completion and Tests together.
Thank you, waiting for your replies. :pray:t2:


Hey,…How much r u scoring ryt now?


Very bad. Less than half…
If you are neet aspirant, then how much you are scoring?

We can give tests together. (I m NEET aspirant)
If more people join, then it would be more beneficial for all of us bcz of high competition and companionship.
Let’s wait for more people to join till tomorrow.

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I was just at the same stage as you, last year. Scored 640 in NEET 2022. I am currently in one of the top medical colleges of India. I have been free from this addiction since more than a year. Feel free to contact me on tele. My username - @mylittledarkage0

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So we can give tests together (giving tests together doesn’t mean we have to share Id’s and other stuff. It simply means on decided date, me and you will give same Syllabus tests at home and later share our marks here. This will make some competitive and working hard environment). I am deciding the Date and Syllabus.

PS :–Anybody can join this if they want to improve studies for NEET Exam.

● Test-1 :memo: (Date - 27 March)

Syllabus :–

•Cell Cycle, •Biotechnology Principles, •Biotechnology Applications, •Biodiversity, •Organism and population, •Ecosystem, •Excretion, •Body Fluid, •Chemical Coordination, •Human Reproduction

•Mole Concept, •GOC, •Chemical Bonding, •Atomic Structure

•Basic Maths, •Atom, •Nuclei, •Dual Nature, •Semiconductor, •EM Waves

☆ ALL THE BEST !! :maple_leaf:

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I am Ready for it… let’s see who’ll score more :heart_on_fire:

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