Any muslim fapsternout please answer me

I mastrubated but before i cum, i stop myself and realize that it is stupid, so i stop, i am wondering should i do junub bath or not?

Yes I am muslim.
What are you thinking about your future?

Did you reset your counter?

Yes you would have to do jusual bath

Assalamu alaikum,

Yes of course you do. Even Wudhu is, in a ritualistic sense, more about the cleansing of the soul than the physical cleansing, and the more emphasis you put on the physical, ritual aspect, the more spiritual impact it has.

So even when thinking sinful or physically doing sinful acts, washing yourself is a way of washing off the sin, and when intended not to be repeated, it is almost repentance.

Yes, it’s better for you to take junub bath.

If you didn’t ejaculate, you don’t have to do ghusl (take a ritual bath) cos u don’t have janaba