Any girls/females here?

Any girls here? Searching for a female companion. Specially if She can be from India.


" You won’t find much travelers if you take the true path which is hard " - M.Gandhi :slightly_smiling_face::kissing:

Here’s my code Sis: gfcpk3


Send me your companion code :slight_smile:

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How to find companion code?, You drop me a mail at [email protected]

I have created my code. My code is “Lion”



:pinching_hand::dark_sunglasses::smirk:, :pinching_hand::sunglasses: :sweat_smile::sob::rofl::sweat_smile::rofl::sob::sweat_smile::rofl::rofl::sob::sweat_smile::rofl::sob::rofl::rofl::sob::sob::rofl::rofl::sob:


Does that actually work? Lol
I’ve to check it out (no, it doesn’t)
To know your sharing code

  1. Go to the companion tab (middle one)
  2. Tap on the 3 dot button which is in a circle
  3. Tap on ‘My Sharing Code’
    That’s your sharing code by which you can add companions

Hey @Sherkidahad you are girl.l am a also a girl :pray::pray:


Hey, not to spoil your party, but I feel that its my duty to tell you that you don’t post your personal contact details on public spaces. There are all kinds of people here. If you want to say anything personal to anybody, click on their profile pic which will take you to their profile via which you can message them. I hope you’ll understand this. Have a good day.


Hey! Yes! There are a few of us girls on here!
I am one of them! My code is: 2weel2
Good luck on your journey! Feel free to reach out whenever you need something!


@Sherkidahad I agree with @PrDr
It would be advisable to delete the post where you mentioned your email to avoid spam.
If any issues arise, contact the admins or someone who can point you to them.


@Sherkidahad didi apka mail address yha se hta lijiye.Yha bhut sare spammers he.BTW me bhi India se hu


Hey sis @Sherkidahad (btw I love your username)
Kindly don’t share your any personal information here (except sharecode and diary writing)
Some people might disturb you by using your mail id.
Here some people(spammers)need only just a opportunity to talk to women.
So, be safe and sharp. (Use direct message more than normal post)


Hey @Sherkidahad if you also girl then congrats, me too…

I’m new here, but if you don’t mind can we be partners??

I don’t know what’s my share code. But we are friends.:hugs:

Hey @Jasmin I can help you with finding your sharecode.

If you’re using Android rewire app then
Click the companion tab :point_down: (middle one)
Then click the :orange_circle: 3 dots button.
There you will find my sharing code.

If you want to add any companion then copy paste his sharecode in add Companion (at same place)

Share code is for tracking your streak. If you reset then it will show red :red_circle: or after few minutes :orange_circle: color around the steak day/hrs.
This is how you can see who is safe or clean streak or who relapsed recently


@Adidas2201 Thanks, please tell how I can get my code and what’s the use of this code… Thanks again :hugs:

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Thank you so much I got my code… It’s tooksz

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Share this code to only whom you wanna share(selected people) @Jasmin

Btw my code is gr605r

I hope you’ll have great day today

@sakshi11 hi Sakshi glad I found you… coz… i can see only boys in this community