Any correlation between nofap and muscle growth?

Those who have crossed over 100+ days,did you see any discernable muscle growth despite not doing workout

I’m 23 years old ,I have very less muscles mass, it’s not that I’m skinny.i have a broad shoulder but my wrist are thin like a girl. I don’t know if it’s genetic reason or something else. But I’m bit insecure about it

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I’m not sure about it, because the muscles might grow because of age and food behaviours. But in my case it didn’t happen.

I used to practice some exercises but every time I started by myself I stopped.

My wrist are small also (I use penultimate hole to hold one Smart Band, for instance and I’m 22).

Simple. Nofap = More testosterone and semen and it’s nutrients remain in the body = more muscles.

But it’s not like you’re going to become Schwarzenegger. You’ll have to work out too.


Ok so I’ve been working out for a long time, much longer than I’ve been doing nofap, therefore I’m not really qualified to answer your question. However I can say this with absolute certainty, you will not grow muscles just by doing nofap. Without exercise and proper diet you will not grow muscles.

Exercise, Nutrition and rest are the three essentials of muscle growth. Even if there were more essentials, nofap wont be any immediate essential. There muscle growth as a result of nofap is only marginal. 5 -10 % increase in muscle as compared no nofap. 10% is actually pushing it. So don’t rely on nofap alone for muscle growth. Workout, lift weights, don’t do cardio, eat enough protein and maintain a caloric surplus and sleep for 8+ hours, and do this consistently for atleast 5+ months. You’ll see major changes


Bruh, no fap does assist in muscle growth, plus you have more energy for working out. But there is no way muscles will grow without working out :sweat_smile:, when you lift weights, your muscles undergo a kind of tearing and with right nutrition those teared up parts are built up by body with extra mass and hence muscles grow. No fap does provide some extra nutrition. But as @GOVIND-19 said you need proper workout, diet and rest for growing muscles.
But I would like to point out one thing. I never had good muscles, I made a 134 days streak some time ago and now I have good muscles. I’m not too muscular but yeah better than before. But that’s not just because of the streak, it’s because I developed a habit of working out regularly.


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