Any advice? Can't have long streaks

Hey guys, I would be extremely thankful for your help! (but please read the topic first)

I started a long time ago with nofap (Guess something like 10months), I figured out many triggers and bad habits which lead me to relapse.
I accomplished a lot. From watching daily for 4 hours at least, I came down to once every 1 or 2 weeks for a max of 1 hour.

My problem is that I just can’t make it past the 2 weeks (or very rarely. I had some 35 day streaks but not too many).

What I already ruled out:

  • I do enough sport
  • I eat healthy / drink enough
  • I’m busy enough but not too busy
  • It’s not boredom that triggers me
  • My cell phone is not in my room
  • unfortunately I have to use my laptop all the time due to studying but I have K9 on it

I feel like my biggest problem is curiosity. I wanna discover everything (I guess that’s why I’m a studying to be a scientist :smile: )
In the moments I relapse I have thoughts like:

  • I’m missing something in life because I can only have one girlfriend. But every girl would be different. How would other girls behave?
  • Are there porn about this or that theme? is it even possible to make an erotic porn about this
  • What if there are new trends in porn which I will miss? There is “knowledge” out there I don’t learn because I can’t search for it.

The to know that there is something to discover without me being able to is horrible.

Any ideas?

It’s very good that you are a so called scientist actually by giving it a name of discovering something you are escaping your desire of nofap,if you are really curious to know everything then just know that what will happen to you if you are not gonna fap for 100,200,500or 1000 just discover this also if you are discovering other things😀


That’s an amazing thought which never really came up in my mind.
The fear of missing something when not watching porn let me forget to think about the things I miss in life if I continue watching porn.

Thanks a lot for the input

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Thanks a lot too, I’ve already known that, but it somehow got out of my mind. So thanks! :smiley:

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Hyyyy… Nice one man… Thank you very muchhhh

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