Anxiety, panic attacks and mood swings

I am on day 7 today. Having bad anxiety, panic attacks and mood swings. Feeling low! I just hope it gets better soon. Not a good feeling today.

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Bear pain now,
It will make you more stronger


@anon93846067 There is a saying “Darkest hours are just before Dawn” bear the pain it will get you to glory.

Current you are experiencing flatline which means your brain is healing itself this is a crucial time that you may think going back to PMO will be good. But don’t lose you mind .

This interesting ariticle will have all the details you need to know,

Stay strong brother we are not alone, we are here together :muscle:


Dont lose faith if it continous long …

These are good symptoms of Rewiring.

Keep going… in the process the Ego will melt away…

You are immortal.

You will remain in the End.

Rise Of Real & Naked Truth.

Let all shit wash away.

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Yes, trying my best. Thanks :blush:

Thanks, I will give it a read. Thanks again, brother :blush:

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Yes, thanks Sahas. Trying to get better.:blush:

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Everything will be alright
Go get a walk
In the evening

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Yeah, will do some exercise in the evening. :slight_smile:

Mine is 6th day and I am also feeling same as well as nausea also.