Anxiety after quitting PMO?

Does anyone have it? Clinical anxiety I mean. How do you deal with it? Is it just about rechanneling your energy?


It is very common, I have it too. They say it is your brain trying to make you feel bad so you go back to porn, see our brains can’t tell that the porn is fake. From its perspective we have give up access to an unlimited harem of women but of course we know the truth.

I keep a journal for my anxiety, I don’t even use it too keep track of what I did in the day, I write in it when ever i have a good thought I want to remember or to take a bad thought out of my head and put it onto paper. When it really becomes super useful is when you start reading back at what you wrote, it’s hard to see your progress from day to day but the longer you have been writing your thoughts down the more you can see how far you have progressed. I’ve read stuff I wrote years ago and it isn’t pretty, it hurts to see how dark your life was but it fills me with hope when I see how far I have come.


Great to see am not the only one somedays i have anxiety but its becoming less and less its our umbalanced hormones that we mess up during the addiction i believe anxiety is part of it when you are rewiring your brain from all that umbalanced hormone chaos.


My anxiety has evolved quickly into depression. I hope for a quick recovery from all of this.

It could also be that anxiety and depression was there all along before you quit pmo, just that you were numbing yourself from it using pmo. Anyway, I read from Daniel Goleman’s work that one of the effective way to deal with depression is distaction, e.g. taking a walk outside, doing new things you havent done before. Versus rumination which will just get you in the loop of depressing thoughts.


I think you are right donkeykong. I have had much anxiety and depression throughout my whole life, I just masked it with addictions

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