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Some of you people might know that I am making anime as a hobby. But at the same time , I need some help from you by answering some questions and giving me some ideas so that it would end up good.

Chatgpt helped a lot but I also know many people watch anime here , So its always great to have many perspectives regarding this .


The name of the anime is " Chakra Chronicles : The Perception of Reality ". So this anime is divided to many " Perceptions " of a character. For eg , If there are characters with name Max and Min. Then you will have episode 1 of Max and a separate video showing Episode 1 of Min.

Why I am doing this is because after the completion of the plot , I realized there is a lot of things to be explained even in a single event.


Ive realized naming the characters was tougher than expected. I would be happy if you can answer this question

Without Searching Google , Have you ever heard of someone with name " Reyansh "

  • Yes and I also know the meaning of that name
  • Yes but I dont know the meaning of that name
  • No , I havent heard of that name till now
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Since its been a while I started this thread. Let me just summarize the story. The story that I am going to say now might make sound stupid , But guess what. Atleast I tried.

Chakra Chronicles : The Perception of Reality

The Story

Episode 1

The story is set on 25 years after the present timeline near to year 2049 ( Reference : The 2049 tragedy book ) . There is a category of creatures called Xylorthians from planet Xylor who is much tecnologically advanced than humans. They much like humans are curious of life outside thier planet. Eventually they found one that is Earth.

Xylorthians just like humans have a problem with overpopulation. So in order to eradicate that problem , those creatures reached earth and started killing people mercilessly. The humans being less technologically advanced have no chance against them. Many people were killed , Some people were made hostage but eventually killed and a very few survived.

The few humans survived. They set underground pathways and started devoloping human facilities there. Decades passed , comprised of desperate fights formed by small groups against Xylorthians only to get killed. They reached a point where technological advancements cannot help counteract with Xylorthians.

A decade more passed and at last they found a serum called " Vitalis Serum "


Understanding the Vitalis Serum ( For more clarity of Episode 2 )

The " Vitalis Serum " amplifies the chakras of a person. Every person have an affliation towards a particular chakra. Affliation is based on his behaviour , his perception about life , his mindset etc.

There are 8 chakras that are known till now wrt anime. These are

Root Chakra - Increased Strength , Manipulate Earth and Rocks
Sacral Chakra - Manipulate Water and Ice. Possess high emotional Intelligence
Solar Plexus Chakra - Manipulate Fire and Chi. Resistant to Explosions
Heart Chakra - Manipulate nature , Healing. Posess high Spiritual Intelligence
Throat Chakra - Manipulation of Sound and Electricity. Generally have a good sound.
Third Eye Chakra - Optic Blasts , Resistant to Illusions , Posess high IQ
Crown Chakra - Ability to convert emotions into energy blasts , Reality warp etc
Temporal Chakra - Manipulate time but physically fragile

As mentioned earlier , the affliation of these chakras depend more the mindset , perception and behaviour of a person. For eg , a short tempered person would be more likely belonging to solar plexus chakra. A calm person belong to sacral chakra and humble and grounded person belong to root chakra etc


Episode 2

Vitalis Serum is Invented in India. Humans started reading ancient texts online to get more understanding of the chakras. Within a limited space people started training for the war against the xylorthians. Some people found their affliation with thier chakra ( The chakra though amplified needs to be triggered first just like super saiyans in DBZ. It gets triggered by training , certain exposure , change in metabolism etc . The first trigger is the most difficult then eventually gets easier )

People who failed who affliate with thier chakra had a hard time dealing with people who got their affliation. There were ego clashes but still stood strong with a common cause.

The war against xylortians is led by Adam who is the main protagonist of the story. He is an CBI officer with affliation with Root Chakra. They set for a battle against the Xylorthians determined to succeed.


Episode 3

The entire episode focuses on the visual battles between Humans and Xylorthians. More about it will be discussed after the research

Edit : In episode 2 ,The designation of Adam has been changed from Military Lieutenant to CBI to add story to upcoming episode


Episode 4

After a lot of desperate attempts during the war , humans still lost against against Xylorthians. The protagonist somehow escaped from being killed ( plot armor lol ) .

Adam makes thinks about what could have been the possible reasons for failure. After some time , he made few observations.

  1. Xylorthians are very wary to hot objects by physiology. From this Adam comes to a conclusion that Xylorthians lives in a very cold places devoid of Sun from the same or different universe. So Adam plans to use solar plexus manipulators as a main offensive team to confront with Xylorthians

  2. Xylorthians have some tech weapons to cast optical illusions. Let 3rd eye chakra manipulators assist solar plexus chakra manipulators in order to guide them in cas they cast optical illusion.

  3. Root Chakra Manipulators having high defences in physiology protects the injured people during the war and lead them to underground pathway

  4. Heart Chakra Manipulators having Healing Powers provides healing to injured people in underground pathway

  5. Sacral Chakra Ice powers are ineffective against Xylorthians. Hence just act as a support system for all the chakra manipulators.

  6. No Crown Chakra or Temporal Chakra Manipulators present

  7. Also Adam noticed 2 types of Xylorthians. 4 to multi-legged Xylorthians and 2 Legged Xylorthians.

Multi-Legged Xylorthians are physically the strongest but also most wary to fire. They are fast but fragile. They lack intelligence. They are present in large numbers.

2 legged Xylorthians are physically weaker compared others but are least wary to fire because of some unknown armor they are wearing.

They are slow but durable.They are very intelligent. They are responsible for every tech gadget across the planet. They are ones who commands orders to multi-legged Xylorthians.

Then the most powerful among all called " High Councillor " a 2 legged Xylorthian but have all the good traits of both 2 types of Xylorthians.

Adams plans to attack the 2 legged Xylorthians first which makes the remaining Xylorthians confused and ultimately finishing off High Councillor in the end.

Further planning for the war will be discussed after the research.


Episode 5

After all the planning , humans initiated war one more time. This time, they have executed in a stealthy and planned manner.

They have set the Heart and Root Chakra Manipulators near to the basement. Solar plexus chakras as primary offence , Throat and Sacral Chakra as secondary offence and third eye chakra as a guide.

The episode focuses on the visual aspects of the battle. Eventually they won the battle against the Xylorthians. But however Xylorthians managed to make " High Councillor " escape before getting killed.

Celebration started as they achieved independence over Xylorthians.

Adam is awarded for " Param Vir Chakra " award for the bravery and strategic planning to put an end to Xylorthian reign.


Episode 6

I am planning to make Episode 6 as kind of a filler episodes to to act as a foundation for the upcoming story.

Its widely focused on post war like renovations taking place after the damage caused by Xylorthians. The episode is set on like a month after the war.

The scientists are trying to integrate chakra with technology but fails to do so. So in this current scenario , chakra powers are more of a resource than an integrated product in the field of technology.

However it was possible to integrate chakra in weaponry like a 3rd eye chakra revolvers and pistol which can create laser like blasts from that.

Since the High Councillor have escaped, the Government is still cautious of an upcoming attack. There are studies to find the Xylorthian world but failed in that. So attack can be expected at any time .

So for the people to be all time ready for an upcoming Xylorthian attack. Chakra training and Combat has been introduced in schools as a part of curriculum along with theory for the young generation.

The teacher are the one who have mastered their chakra through tests and combat.

The meeting has been conducted with government to plan about the activities that can be done to prevent the Xylorthian attack again. Adam was present there.

Adam suggested even though Xylorthian attack is been eliminated in India , its still present on other countries like US , Germany etc. Adam suggested should it be better to supply the Vitalis Serum to other countries without Xylorthian notice.

The authorities were not interested in that idea so ignored it.

Adam investigates about what can be done for this problem.


Do you know how to make Good Animation?
I was making a manga But my drawing skills was not that much impressive so I am working on story and Character design.Do you want character design for your story then I can make it .


Well not exactly tbh. Only thing I know is that there are some apps that can help me make animation that doesnโ€™t require you to have drawing skills like an expert. Iโ€™ll probably use that

I have character designs in my mind. They are literally people in real life. I mean people who know me. I have asked permission of those people to make animated pics of them. I can give you pics of those people in private.

If you are interested , I would be grateful if you can do the animated drawings of them.

I can also give you credits in every episode and also pay you in case I get revenue out of it.

But for the time being , I am far from reality :joy:. Let me finish the episode first.


Episode 7

Scientists where further investigates about the Vitalis Serum potential in human physiology. They found that Vitalis Serum has the power to alter the DNA due to some evolutionary advantage it has been providing. That means a man who has got Chakra Powers can pass that ability to its offspring but the Chakra affinity might be different.

Also its been scientifically proven that Vitalis Serum tends to create addictive behaviour so the Govt banned the further use of Vitalis Serum.

In parallel , Adam investigates about the reluctance of the Government to share the Vitalis Serum to other countries. Soon he found out that the current government is not in good relations with other countries. They are planning to make other countries in a very screwed up state in such a way they would beg to give the serum for the return of something valuable.

A week later during the next meeting , Adam brings up this same issue telling we should never let our egos rule when there is an international issue. Soon the Xylorthians will find an underground pathway and that will lead to the end of the human era. Also Xylorthians who might be much stronger might come here and we might face the same fate.

These facts didnโ€™t persuade the government. Hence they still ignored Adam. Since the serum is banned , Adam has to search for the serum in an illegal ways.

Adam seeks out help of John who is one of the scientists who made the Vitalis Serum. John tells that he donโ€™t know the exact procedure for its creation. He also said there was a main man responsible for its creation. But John donโ€™t remember its name. But he said he still have some serum left in his lab.

Adam started to form groups who oppose the Government by planning to travel to other countries , fighting Xylorthians , sharing the serum. Encouraging the scientists there to make the serum themselves etc.

Government realized Adam is going big lengths against his decisions. Government recruits some trained assasins to kidnap Adam and kill him in public.


Seems very creative. Purpose of this thread ?


Oh nothing much bro. I have a story in my head. Planning to make an anime as a substitute for PMO. I know many people watch anime here so they can also help me with creative ideas.

I just consider this as a creative space to pour my ideas regarding anime.


Changes before Episode 8

I am planning to make the location of this anime as Earth from a parallel universe. Since there are political issues associated with this anime , I donโ€™t think it might be a good idea to mention real places here.

By creating a fictitious Earth , it gives me freedom to express my creativity in creating new location and at the same time , I would be free from cultural barriers.

Also , I am planning to change names of characters like Adam because I want a little more depth to the characters through their name ( No offence to people whose name is Adam lol )

But I will make all these changes once I finish my story.

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In the current scenario wrt anime , I am left with multiple options. Since I want your opinions ,I am planning to create a poll which will be open till tomorrow. I might extend it under certain circumstances

A Hero is been attacked by 10 Assassins. The Outcome is the Hero losing the fight. What could be the possible reasons for that

  • Assasins outperforms hero in their fighting skills
  • Hero outperforms the assasin but forced to give up because one of assassin make heroโ€™s important person hostage
  • Other ( Comment )
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Hey I think you forgot to send me pictures of your characters :sweat_smile::face_with_monocle:

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