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Starting from the basics! It makes feel bad and I want to leave this behind me FOREVER.
I will let my results to speak for me not my words I will be the results maker not the promises breaker.

Here I go 1,2, 3!..I will work hard and dream big.


A set of goals to accomplish until Sunday:

  1. No Youtube or Google, complately until Sunday.

  2. To make some positive affirmations to motivate myself to go forwerd and replace negetive and mostly repetetive thinking, as a form of meditation.
    Exemple for a positive affirmations: “I can do this”…“Do your work and be happy later”…“No pain no gain”.

  3. Not listening to music complately in order think more clearly.

  4. To go for short walks and to breath some frash air.

  5. To start reading books.

Challenge accepted!


Day 1

Woke up at 6:15 AM :heavy_check_mark:
Reducing time on social media :heavy_check_mark:
Book reading :heavy_check_mark:
Positive affirmations :heavy_check_mark:

Not that much but that’s a start.

Here I go 1, 2, 3!


Day 2

• Woke up at 4:00AM :heavy_check_mark:
• Spent 3 hours on studying/reading :heavy_check_mark:
• Spent 2 hours on meditation :heavy_check_mark:
• Did 5 sets of 50 push ups + 4 sets of 40 abdominal crunches :heavy_check_mark:
• Positive affirmations :heavy_check_mark:
• Planning routine for tommorow :heavy_check_mark:
• 21:30 sleeping time :heavy_check_mark:

Thoughts about the day

For now waking up early is all that metters for me the most, not even the streak itself even though it is also importent. The point is:

If I wake up early I can do almost everything I need to do for the new day - it gives me the strength to do so, I will call it “the one great push forward.”
Day after day if I will stay in control and wake up early - the days would be added eventualy. Waking up early and working hard needs to be my 1th priority, not the streak.
Patience and discipline that’s the number 1 key.
I must firstly learn how to control myself and not hurry up - but still keep going step by step.

Quote of the day:

“One of the great disadvantages of hurry is that it takes such a long time.”
~ G.K. Chesterton


damn! amazing bro!

recovery is gonna be very faster if you stay consistent in that!

your diary is taking a great shape! keep it up :ok_hand:


Thanks bro, but let’s see if I am going to keep it up, that’s the great deal.

Day 5

I dreamed about PMO, it looked so real that I’ve thought “Oh boy, now I truly relapsed”, but I didn’t. Thankfuly, I don’t remember any details but I know that my brain tried playing tricks on me. Once I had woke up I was happy to know it was only a dream.

After waking up, the morning was shiny and beautiful - the people around were fuzzy and quiet but no was rude. Dreams mean a lot for me. Some dreams are normal, some are weird, and some are unexplainable.

Not a lot of productivty today, but I can state firmly
that on the past few days I had:

  1. I had reduced my social media usage - now while I writing those words down, I don’t watch videos hours by hours just wasting my time.

I will try my best tommorow.

Quote of the day:

“Let your desires be ruled by reason.”
~ Cicero.


hey bro, same thiing happend with me today!
i was disgusted in my dreams but when i woke up and saw that it was not relapse i felt sooo relieved!
we both are having vivid dreams and its sign of healing! :slightly_smiling_face:


@nofapstar123 Thanks bro, it means a lot. I wish you good luck.


Day 6

Going to make it short this time:

:white_check_mark: Woke up at 3:50 AM
:white_check_mark: 20min social media
:white_check_mark: Finished reading the book who moved my cheese? - starting to read another book
:white_check_mark: 30min meditation
:white_check_mark: Did some exercises
:white_check_mark: Eat healthy
:white_check_mark: Had no urges today


Day 8

To be honest, life is getting better. For the past few days I almost don’t use any social media platforms, and ever since I joined the No Social media challenge (and some other challenges too) I decided to use YouTube/Google for study purposes only - this step improved my life.

No longer I just sit down and watch another cycle of videos which give me no value at all, mostly just music or other topics which don’t really interest me. I am using my time more and more to read, to wake up early and trying to keep my routine.

I almost don’t think about PMO but when the urges start to take place, I am doing other things to cool them down, knowing that repeating the same old mistake will lead me to nowhere.
I like it that way. Everyday I am getting a bit more stronger and confident about my own ability to change my life for the better.


Day 11

Not going to lie today wasn’t a productive day but I kept myself the hell away from PMO: that’s for sure. Also, I watched a good movie for the first time since month or two. The movie was nice but also little bit crappy. The main actor of this movie was Robert Downey Jr - one of my favorite actors after Russell Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix.
Also, I’ve watched some motivational videos on Youtube to help my blood warm up for the new week and such and such.

Later I’ve seen some interasting discussion about peeking or masturbation: what’s worse?
Let me just say that both are bad on the same level.
While masturbating takes away your semen which is the energy you need in order to improve and move on with your life, peeking just lights up your desire to fap: peeking soon or later will destroy your progress so don’t peek.
Everytime I’ve used to peek it lead to a relapae - so I will try my best to never peek.

Tomorrow I’m gonne wake up early 100% no excuses on 4:00AM straight and do the work I need to do.
I Don’t really know how to post my whole routine here in a way that "today I done “A,B,C, and D”
The routine is mostly about waking up early, not using social media, reading books, healty eating and no PMO that’s all for now.
Will I survive this week? only my decisions would tell.

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