Anger and Bad Day


Hi Guys… its been my 3rd days of NoPMO.

After relapsed once, i dont get so easily to watch weird video again. But when i angry and have a bad day, i do really want to do PMO again.

What should i do?
And what do you do if you have bad day?

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When lust is not satisfied, it gets converted into anger. Use that energy (before conversion) in something productive and something spiritual.


Hit the gym to lower your aggression


Release the anger on doing some good workout.


@ReloadingSacks Dude your profile pic made me laugh, I love it lol


In response to the OP though, when I have a bad day, for me it helps to go on a run. That is my number 1 most helpful thing to do. It gets me to focus on the pain and the present moment.

Then once the run is over, I can much more easily evaluate what has been bothering me about the day and how I should feel about it. In other words, it let’s me change my outlook to a more positive one. Maybe give it a go, but if you do, go all the way. Set a timer for however long depending on how much physical exercise you get generally, so like 5 to 30 minutes. And commit to it, don’t stop running.

But remember not to overcommit yourself, do what will make you tired but is still within your realm of possibility.