An Overwhelming Urge

I am new here with NF. My personal best was 7 days. Now i’m om day 4 and i see women dressed sexily when i’m in my office and i get hard as hell. Problem is how do i break the habit of easing off myself once i get home? Like what i’ve been doing all this while. When they say its tough… I guess it really is huh…


When you come back home and you feel an urge, go exercise/take a walk/go for a run/take cold shower.


Yo @Nicole when u at work don’t look at those cleavage or asses. Just look away as it’s the prime cause of those urges.

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Some my friend told me he is on day 100.
He says Urges are nothing but energy surges begging to reach to your head ( if you allow them by not wasting it downwards(masturbation/sex) )