An old movie about nofap and semen retention!

So there is a 2002 movie that evolves around the topic of semen retention and no fap. It’s called 40 days and 40 nights and I think it’s also on netflix. There is a guy that decides to practice nofap for 40 days and nights going through all obstacles to succeed. I haven’t seen it yet but I will give it a try when I have time or when I’m not bored. I don’t know if there was another person that informed you of such a movie, but I’m here anyway…tell me your review when you see it. If you have any documentary or any movie that circles around the specific movement, I would gladly take it!


One of the best depictions of a porn addiction and its influences on people’s lives is Don Jon. Be aware though that there are some explicit scenes in it that trigger you if you are still struggling! (Edit: So, Red Flag Warning for addicted people, in case that wasn’t clear enough :wink: )
But for me, it has given me a better view on pmo and it’s also the first movie I show people that are not addicted but try to understand where I come from :slight_smile:


Bro, this is movie has p**n scenes.


Yes I used to masturbate watching the p**n scenes in don jon :sweat_smile:


True. That’s why I said it triggers you.
But again, it’s a good movie to show people that are not addicted :slight_smile:
My parents for example understood me a tad better after they saw that movie


Bro, you should edit the post and clearly state “not recommended for p*rn addicts who have streak below 60days.” write this just after " Don Jon "

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Interesting though, even when I was struggling way more than I am now, that movie never triggered me personally. I guess the message that came across in the movie and the way it is shown just made it even less appeasing to masturbate to


Bro, Scarlett Johansson is very hot in that movie. Some scenes by her are very triggering.

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I personally don’t recommend"Don Jon" movie to any pron addict . And also not to masturbation And o addict. because it has names of pron sites in it.and many other triggering content which is more than the positive message.

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Ok but did you pay attention TO MY MOVIE? RECOMMENDATION??? :joy::joy::joy::joy:


There are 2 other movie besides don jon they are “shame” and “thanks for sharing” both are good. They give motivation to bounce back of pmo


You haven’t given the title of the movie

I said 40 days and 40 night

What?? I didn’t get that

Guys don’t watch movies with triggers, because triggers are the main enemies of nofap, if you want to stay away from PMO forever, you should get in the habit of GUARD YOUR EYES FOREVER .
I know what I speak , because I’ve been on nofap since 2014 .


Hello there , my name is Eduardo and i am from Brazil,
Here are some tips guys , that I gathered with my experience and of others war companions:

I’ve been on nofap since 2014 and I’ve managed to stay clean for almost 5 years (without P and without M), lately I’ve been 100 days and currently I’m 20 days, here are the tips:


Guarding yourself of triggers is essential for get away from Pmo addiction and not just for 90 days, but for the rest of your life, for this the following measures must be adopted:


At least 50 percent of falls I hear in social media come from instagram
even if the person doesn’t follow any instagram model, Instagram puts them without you asking for these models on your screen, it happened to me on social networks and I know it must have happened to you too

Beware of netflix, opt for other streaming services that have fewer triggers, netflix is ​​champion in triggers!
By the way , I recommend you exclude netflix and anothers movies and series with heavy triggers forever

Watch out for some news sites, know where you step, yes have serious sites of news without triggers

And on the street don’t look at women who are dressed provocatively, as this will lead you to fall hours later (as it enters your mind through your eyes and your brain will use it against you later), look away you don’t have to look for none of these triggers

So the principle of Guarding Your Eyes is when you see a trigger anywhere, whether in real or virtual life, immediately dodge the trigger and focus on details around you, breathe 10 seconds, hold the air for 10 seconds and release in 10 seconds do as many times as necessary, if it doesn’t help, take a cold shower to get you back to normal, know that this will pass, this pain is temporary and happens to everyone, especially at the beginning of the reboot, see this as a beneficial pain from surgery taking a tumor (in this case addiction)

Know that guarding your eyes is like exercising your muscles, as time goes by it becomes a habit and that with time ends up being part of you, if it is not true how you explain possible I stay for years without PMO?


It is essential to get out of addiction to put fences, and one of these fences are blockers, and there are countless ones in the app stores with prominence for Blockerx, BullDog Blocker, Safe Surfer, Pure Web and Clean Browsing (the latter does not have in the app store, only on the official Cleanbrowsing website, free of charge).
Blockers are to prevent involuntary triggers, such as those that appear when you are doing a search for work or school on google images and the triggers appear and also to block the cell phone in case you want to see it, you can also configure it for this by going to password for someone
Blockers also help against triggers on google and youtube, as some of them automatically put youtube and google in restricted mode


This thing is very direct. I don’t think I have to explain.


In order to achieve your goal, you need to understand what causes you to relapse. So, for many they are instagram, whatsapp group, without relationship, without purpose in life, boredom, these are the biggest reasons for falling.

Pay attention to what can generate boredom in you, some examples that can generate boredom are: not having contact with people, that is, not socializing, spending a lot of time on the internet aimlessly browsing haphazardly, whether marathoning series or playing, these things do not fill and generate a lot of boredom, so they should be used with balance in descending moments, I repeat again BALANCE

  1. BE BUSY

Always be busy with constructive things, work, study, build or renovate something, it is something good for the Brain and for your well being and it really fills you up


Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly goals, goals for life, just have goals for your brain to automatically process your ability to achieve it.
And to help you with that I recommend the counting app called Quitzilla.


This will help you to resist these urges, sexual thoughts and give you the power to focus and concentrate.


Of all that , I said for you : The foundation of everything is to take refuge in God, no matter religion or non-religion, know that there is something that is above you and that is part of your Essence, it is that inner Voice, of Encouragement that gives you strength in darkest hours and that always calls us, no matter how dark we find ourselves, this Voice is from our Source that calls us and fights this War together with us, without your help and without applying the tools above I would never be able to be free

I hope that the tips above can help you just as it helped me, I want to remind you that the 90 days are just the beginning of the reboot is not the end, so the importance of always having goals, even when completing 1 year, 2, 3 is not the Finally, never accommodate never ! When you reach 90 days, 180 days, 1 year, etc. etc.
The rule of Guarding Your Eyes is eternal and NEVER accommodating ,
because nobody becomes invincible after 90 days, you get stronger and stronger, but if you falter and do not guarding your eyes and live a life without goals sooner or later, you will fall.
If you fall, remember of never go back to square one, do not let a block dismantle the building you have built!



I don’t mean to disagree with you, just give another view on this.
I’ve been trying to get off PMO for over 3 years now and I’ve had good and bad times, while overall I’m getting better and better continuously.

I still don’t believe in avoiding triggers.
When you are doing cocaine, sure, it’s easy to change your group of friends, get out of that environment and avoid triggers until you can control them.
But at least in my country, you’d have to be a hikokomori, staying inside your house 24/7 to avoid that.
Delete Instagram, sure. Use a blocking software, by all means yes. I do that too.
But the main goal should be to control your urges, not to avoid them. If you base your well being on not seeing triggers, all it takes is one semisezxual advertisment in a shop, one wallpaper at a friend’s, and you lose a year or more of being clean just for that.

Yes, you should try to avoid sexual material as best as you can, especially in the beginning, but I believe you should always focus on controlling your urges at some point.

Just because reality is that you can’t close your eyes off everything and you can’t blame everyone around you for being addicted.

:slight_smile: Again, just another point of view. I know a lot of people here see it differently, and that’s okay

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Couldn’t have said it better!I don’t want to be locked in my house. To fear that I will see some girl or something in the phone and I will relapse. I want to be free of this addiction not fear it

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Is not fear see a girl , is control your desires is different , i mean naked girls and i live a country like you my friend full of triggers , GuardYourEyes is fundamental for have a life without P forever , I say what I say because my own experience i stayed 1596 days without P and M guardingmyeyes and i give another proof of that , look that site , is a site like Rewire Companion , look here in this Link the streak of the guys of this website who learned me guard my eyes in 2014 , a streak of single and married persons who have a life free of Pmo :

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Is not supress desire , GuardYourEyes help you control them , is like do exercise in begin is more difficult , but with the time pass you become strong in guardyoureyes , becomes a habit , i do not believe one person can do it without guarding your eyes , without have goals , etc etc

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