An accurate list of NoFap benefits

These benefits are from reddit No-Fap community.

A blatant copy/paste from the dead r/semenretention, but posted because the listed benefits are - in my experience - all spot on.

Abstaining from PMO may lead to:

    1. Clarity of mind, no mental clutter
    1. Better stamina in sports
    1. Absence of depression, as in “there’s actually nothing wrong with me”
    1. Better short term memory, grasp conversations, sharp and clear mind
    1. Feeling worthy of hottest girls
    1. Interacting with people goes from nuisance to fun activity
    1. Facial hair grows faster
    1. Music sounds better
    1. Being cool with awkward situations
    1. Past events are remembered better
    1. Movies watched in one sitting, rather than interrupting it with distractions
    1. Feeling of being really alive and feeling of having/being a powerful spirit
    1. Better looking skin
    1. Free, genuine belly laugh
    1. Appreciation and admiration of women’s inner and outer beauty
    1. Less sleep is needed to feel rested
    1. Much less irritability
    1. Destructive erections
    1. Improved chest, neck and shoulders musculature (without exercise in a particular case)
    1. Vibrant and alive looking eyes
    1. Voice is now clear
    1. Reduced rage and anger
    1. Movies, novels and art are appreciated much more
    1. Better dream recollection
    1. More wisdom on various subjects, without actually studying them. As in mind gets better at making connections.
    1. Easier to get up in the morning
    1. Like Neo in the Matrix, getting heightened senses and intuition
    1. Enjoying company of kids and older folks
    1. No more craving for sugar and alcohol
    1. Urge to expand your mind
    1. No more angry outbursts around the family
    1. “Annoying” things females do are now appreciated
    1. A tangible magnetic connection with chicks
    1. Chores are now easier to perform
    1. Seeing “big picture” in life better
    1. Ability to look at women and feel her, sense if her energy is good or bad
    1. Ability to relate chicks like friends and seeing them flock to you
    1. Nothing stresses you out anymore
    1. Men respect you more
    1. Men flinch in your presence
    1. Sexual Stamina
    1. Gives you magnetic personality

Quitting PMO in exchange for the above mentioned benefits? I’m fairly certain there are no better deals to be found.