Am I healing at all, I need your opinion?

Hey guys.

I’m still masterbating every 2 days.

However, I haven’t viewed porn for my last 2 relapses.

In your opinion, as the title states, am I healing?

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Hey there,

I’m quite new here, but was following the Nofap Subreddit for a while before:
I think youre already on a good path. The binging of sexual images/movies also releases dopamine that rushes our receptors and makes them more numb and if you leave images etc. away, you’ll already start the rewiring process if you continue the route. I’m still facing the problem of binge watching from time to time, so you got already some progress IMO!
Keep up the good work, you can do it!

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Welcome to the community.

Thanks for your input

I have been addicted since Feb 2020 and didn’t realize it until August 2020.

This past week is the first i starting to really change.



That is great! I have gone in quite the opposite direction myself, recently. But I am so glad you are feeling a change! As I have said (probably too much, but I really mean it) don’t give up! Keep going! I am sure you are just about to turn the corner and freedom from the addiction will be standing there. Of course it always takes effort, but it will be worth it.

Obviously this is good. If you are able to abstain from the thing that has triggered relapses, I am sure you will be able to abstain from masterbation too!

I believe in you!

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You can take it step by step, I think. The most important thing IMO is to stop watching. Then you stop the other things as your brain is rewiring…

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