Am I experiencing brain fog?

It feels like I’m not thinking that much and my mind is having empty feelings. There are some changes in way I feel pleasure, I’m not having the brain full of pleasure that I used to get at orgasm. It feels there is emptiness and finding same amount of pleasure in tv, music is not happening. I’m not able to think through much. Is it a brain fog?

Its my 26th day of no ejaculation and 11th day of no edging. Is this normal and common what I’m experiencing now?

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Bro what’s your routine every day?

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I think you are making a point. I’m not feeling the arousal to the level of that I used to get when I used to do fapping, edging. My mind is asking for that level of dopamine and it is not getting that from other sources.
I also observed that my compulsive behaviours are increased like compulsive cleaning, compulsive information seeking, compulsive double checking, other compulsiven behavior are getting increased in order to get the high amout of dopamine hit. My brain doesn’t stop till it gets dopamine.

I feel exhausted by this compulsiveness. The compulsiveness is like chaining myself to a cage. I hope this is temporary otherwise I’m planning to get treated for ocd. I think I may be feeling overwhelmed by lot of things. (I had to uninstall insta which I used for years because it was triggering me, I tried to eliminate news consumption which I had reduced before, I tried to do digital detox) and it’s increasing compulsiveness. My brain is finding substitute in these activities.

I wake up at 9:30 ~ 10:30
Then I brush and have breakfast & tea
I start office
I bath in afternoon
I do lunch for some time
I have tea at 5
I end office in late evening
I do some courses from 8 to 9
I have dinner and watch TV
I speak to family for quite some time
Then I surf net/ waste time/ compulsively check all apps on phone/ nothing specific😅
And sleep at 1 to 2, sometimes 3.

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I use mobile 3 to 4 hours daily. I unlock my mobile 100 to 150 times a day. I open whatapp, Telegram, rewire app, gallery,chrome more than 20 -40 (some times more than 100 times for whatsap, chrome) times a day.

During office I spend lot of time wasting on surfing the net, compulsive behaviors, watching news ( which I quit recently), doing work of office, I roam in a house and I do not like to sit for long time doing work.

Many times I had to work in weekend because I was not doing work during week days. I procrastinate a lot.

I do not understand how my day goes and I am not aware how I spend my time in a day.

I spent lot of time overanalyzing, overplanning in a day.
It’s too much info but It will give you whole picture.

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And do you feel better rested once you slept 3 a.m.? Also make sure to also include exercise because the brain needs exercise to from your physical body. You need to have adrenaline in your body if your a man because it makes you get into the mood. It’s like your rewriting your story basically but obviously you won’t see results quick but involving exercise and eating healthy can really help you. If possible also add reading interesting books if you can, if internet triggers you a lot. Or time yourself how long you can use your phone because if you don’t you end up using your phone the whole day and that can be a trigger to. Make time for meditation as well, because your body and brain want to connect to itself and needs you to attend it’s spiritual side. Take care man. :muscle:

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Message me man about your situation in life. Let’s help each other. I’ve had crazy experiences to so I might help. I’m getting better in my journey in understanding NO PMO more.
Code- 826714


Thank you man. I’ll try yo include this changes👍

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