Alphanor's Diary

I’m starting this diary to document my progress in the self development world.

I’ve tried NoFap challenge different times in the past and I’ve made good streaks but I have never been able to really quit. But NoFap is just a small part of what I’m trying to achieve. I’ve started University recently and I’ve never had so much to study.

I’ve lost countless hours playing video games and watching TV series instead of studying, my focus is really low at the moment, especially because we are in lockdown and I’m caged in a room full of distractions.

I usually have better performance when someone is checking on me so I hope this diary will give me enough energy and motivation to do my work. I’m looking for companions that can help me stay focused, if you want to help me add me using my sharing code (radi55) or just write me a message and we can help each other.

For now I want to implement these two habits in my daily routine:

  • NoFap (almost 14 days right now)
  • Study 4 hours at least each day for University
  • Take a walk outside or workout each day
  • Write to-do list for the next day each day

I will try to update this post each day with my progress and slowly I will try to implement new healthy habits.


Good choice! I’ll gladly follow along with your journey. Best of luck with your studies!

Take care,
And look after yourself :slight_smile:

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gr8 decision bro to start the diary… @Alphanor… hope you achieved your goals… All the best for your future bro :+1:… all the best for your nofap journey… :+1::wink:


Great decision man @Alphanor . Welcome to the club. We have no other choice but succeed.
You can do this. We are all with you bro.
Btw, add Meditation too into your routine. Its very important.


Wow… I’m sure you’ll achieve greatness :muscle::muscle: