All about the Flatline

Hello guys,
I am in a flatline… currently i am on my 12th day of my Reboot and i am celebrating it with you.

For those who dont know what flatline is !
It is a mental & physical condition of nofappers during which you feel depressed, sick & loss of motivation.It may be accompanied by loss of erection and feelings.

When does the flatline comes during this Reboot journey ?
Some nofappers didnt suffered a single flatline while others 3 or 4 flatlines. It largely depands upon the strength of the addiction. It may stay for 1 day or days. Some even have it for weeks.

Why do flatline occurs ?
Our fapping habit creates neural wirings in our brain. When we quit the habit,It breaks the neural pattern. Understand it like this : There is a table in our house, if we remove its one leg, the table becomes unstable. The brain tries every single method to get the leg of table back because its easy for it to function like that but when we defeat it in his tricks and it gets no option but to replace the leg on its own. It shuts down and restart the brain. Here, New neural connections are created and thus its a start of a Reboot process.

Flatline is a blessing in disguise
Why ?
Start celebrating if you are in a flatline because your Reboot has just begun.
When the computer starts again. It kills the viruses which were slowing it down and it gives the computer a new fresh energy and life to work again efficiently.
After flatlines, We will become a Better version of ourself. Much stronger and faster.


Thanks for that info brother, really appreciated :hugs: , btw I’m on day 15 & not experienced any flatline yet…

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I am currently on day 13 (couple hours from 14) and my flatline started during days 11 - 12. Thanks for this great post, good to know i am not alone.


Guys flatlines aren’t forever. Don’t give up, you got this!


DAY 15
The flatline is overwhelming me. My social anxiety is back. The life force has gone to a hiding… i am calling it but no answer. Walking has become difficult. The cold weather sprinkle salt over wounds. No interest in studying.

I have decided that no matter how nervous i am but i will go outside and embrace it.


So i went outside and face the soceity. Whenever some person came in front of me, i get nervous and starts to act fake and kept my eyes down. Then from inside a voice said, " look up watch in front of you… look the person in the eye.
And i looked at it. Though it was not so confident but i was doing it.
Then, a women was going with her swinging motion… i quickly past it as it was a trigger and my mind is still dirty.
Lust is still there.
Plz god give me a break… give me my life back.

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Thank God , My flatline Ended. I paid the price by sweating and doing good workout.

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Facing a flatline myself as well atm. This post is a big help. Thank you :raised_hands: