Alex's dairy 2023

I created this diary strictly to document my journey here on this app Here are the Goals I hope to archive

:boom:Complete 100 days of nofap(my previous streak was 70)

:boom:Get a freaking Girlfriend

:boom: Get my finances up

:boom: Live the rest of my life never fapping ever again( let’s cross our fingers on this one :smile:)

So if you’re interested in hearing my stories and seeing how things go then hop in bro


there’s a saying that goes like this- A journey of a thousand miles starts with a step( I don’t know who said it but someone did) the point is I just made that step… Again :relieved: this will make it day 1 after breaking my 70 days streak and I am so excited for what the future holds, I started a forum here on this app I don’t know what to really do on it but I’ll figure it out
I hope you all are doing great on your journey :smiling_face:

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All the best Alex! You’ll manage 100 easily, just don’t let your negative thoughts beat you. Stay consistent brother, I am with you on this journey.


Thanks brother
I definitely get to 100 days.


Hello everyone sorry that I have not been updating you guys on my journey I am currently passing through some difficult times but I’ll still try my best to give you guys the update

I am currently at day 11 and still pushing hard💪🏾

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Yes we are going hard on this one :dancer:t5::dancer:t5::dancer:t5:
No nut November has been awesome :sunglasses:
How are you guys doing hope your still pushing strong :muscle:t5:

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Guys I just relapsed after 20 days :cry: