Agression after 7 day streak

After a week on every NoFap streak I start to feel anger inside of me, sometimes it is very difficult to respond respectfully to people then that are also disrespecting, but as a christian I believe in turning the other cheek whenever possible. This discussion is not about religion at all, I am just wondering who is having this same experience with anger and how do you handle this? I’m sure I am not the only one coping with this. Thanks in advance and blessings to y’all.


By the 7th day your testosterone levels are at peak. I totally get where you’re coming from. Not only that, but your porn addiction withdrawal starts kicking in around that time so your body goes into an irritable mode. Just stay calm and learn kindness and lowliness. It’ll get easier as time passes. God bless.


I felt the same way too on my first week…i remember on my 3rd day of nofap i felt so much anger…i hit my pupils…i regret it immediately…the next day his parents came to school… i apologised and lucky me they dont report me to the police… im on my 16th day now…the anger will pass overtime… just dont think too much about it…

yeah same here bro … learning it how to control!

Hey I’m at the 27 day mark and I have tons of aggression problems as well. It’s just part of it. Your testosterone levels are coming back.Try to do some physical exercise like weight lifting. It helps with the urges too. Just process the emotions but don’t do anything you’ll regret. If you’re the brooding type like me you’ll find yourself thinking about all the people that have wronged you and get super angry as well. Just think of it as a chance to better your life and fix the things that make you mad. It is a reflection of you, so you can use it as a tool for progress. Have healthy boundaries with people! It’s fine to stand up for yourself and be strong. Just do it in a calm forthright manner. You will need to learn how to progress your anger better to do this. Learn how to not let everything faze you so much and choose your battles wisely.


Yes its true, i too gets in a angry mood from days 7 to day 14.
I do not take any shit from anybody during this period.
Its part of the healing process. It will pass.
After the storm there will be calmness.

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No, I did not experience that yet. Tell me more!

Thanks for the great response! Very useful.

Are you a teacher in school?

Its absolutely normal. Use the Energy to become a big, ugly bastard.

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