Agent 897 diary Check ins and thoughts

I’ve fapped for longer than most. I have fapped since I was 7 when I turned 10 I started searching words I have never seen before until I wrote a 5 letter word…

From then on I kept fapping and it was somewhat part of my childhood.

I tried everything but this… be open to the forum about this. something inside of me does not want me to create this topic. but i’m not letting that voice in my head tell me what I can and cannot do.
learned the hard way that suppressing your feeling’s is not good.

I’m on day 0 because I relapsed :triumph: I will check in again in a couple of hours feel free to post any motivation, memes, and anything that could help me and other people. i’m not giving up ever. Say :fu: to PMO Stay Strong :muscle: :fist: :fist_right:

Edit: I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has helped me during this time


7? You are kidding me

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I know. Its dumb… I didn’t discover p*** until I was 10 or 9

All power to you. Begin small. Hit that high streak mate


Can’t stop myself from asking, how old are you now bro?


I started at 10 and quitted 10 days back. Iam 28 now. 18 years of severe fapping!!!OH GOD!! I was searching happiness and pleasure outside but i didn’t know I myself is the source of all pleasures and happiness. 18years = fapping; orgasms; porn; sex with multiple partners; victim of STDs; still fapping and finally stopped for forever. I want to reshape my life now. IAM FIGHTING BACK LIKE AN EMPEROR.


Check in day 1!
Had an urge but it went away when I said to myself “I will not fap ever in my life again”
It worked for now but as urges become harder to control ill need to use other methods.
I passed the first 24 hours next check in at 48 hours.
Feel free to check in here too we can all support eachother.

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Stay strong , we are by your side . Don’t give up to urges …

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Quick check in… I took a cold shower and I feel so motivated all of a sudden. I feel like I run for miles.

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Check in :white_check_mark: Today is when The urges get really hard to handle when I defeat it today I would be out of the cycle after that the benifets start. I learned that to stop Fap you need to get out of your confort zone. I do that when I get an urge.

Check in :white_check_mark::white_check_mark::white_check_mark::white_check_mark::white_check_mark::white_check_mark: Today I almost failed but my friend helped me I was sitting in bed and I had an urge he told me to get out of bed and do something else and thats what I did and I felt motivation that I havent felt for a long time.
“Dont do anything you know you will regret later”
-A Rewire Companion user


Guys this song is very fitting with nofap


We will win this fight :muscle::muscle::muscle::fist::facepunch:


Check in :heavy_check_mark: for some reason these past days I have any gotten any urges and my mind is blocking thoughs of fapping. Its like I dont even remember anything about Fapand no fap