Age 37, Married, Day 25th :: Badge Night Star:: Dark times

Age 37, Married, Day 25th :: Badge Night Star: Dark times in past

Nearly feel normal like normal beings,
Lesser Flight or fight mode actions,
Some required courage increase,
Sence of responsibility,
Less back aches, lesser atomach aches,
can wake up early in morning with not much resistance,
better emotional control,
Respect towards Wife n other woman,
Can work with energy instead of procrastination.
More aware about attacks of lust demons.
Still feel depressed but quick self recovery and solutions finding ability increased,

No super powers, no sudden 3rd eye feel, no sudden sixth sense, no much difference in hair growth and no sudden buddha wisdom etc.

Was addicted to cuckold imagination from last more than 5 years.
Somehow i m not able to lv my wife emotionally although i take all possible care i can. She loves me to fullest but i do not frm deep inside of heart. But now there’s nothing which can b done. Life goes on. This made me think of imagination like having her enjoy wd sm other guy which gave further evil twist to my PMO towards fantasy fetish such as cuckold. Since telegram provides many such groups where such perverted chats take place i also became addicted to it (unlike WhatsApp where ur no. Is visible). That kind of become my second world and literally since last 4 or more years i spent 3hrs in night nearly daily chatting, sharing my beautiful Wife pics, getting comments from strangers about her n fapping on this ! Also, during these whole time i was waking up in morning at about 6am while sleeping at 2am or 1am frequently (huge toll on body). To get rid of this i did all possible things like repeatedly uninstalled telegram, apps which block me from reinstalling it etc. But none worked i kept on doing this. During this time I also had passionate sx wd my wife so that made it wrongly fuelled that it doesn’t matter. I constantly tried to take her pics where i can get some revealing body parts or her inner wares etc. ( Realised now How shitty crucade) fortunately i did never succeed in taking such snaps as due to dark during intercourse. Few of the times i managed to film our sx but latter deleted them due to fear. During these times i also started sharing pics of my sisters and whom not. Just to get kinky comments n feel lustful n fap.

Its really first time i hv been away from all this heavy hellish deeds.

How did i get Revelation?

  • read freely available pdf of book by David Baldwin ’ why you should never Masturbate’
  • listen n believe that masturbation is a demonic act and kills harms ur family through energy you give while the act.

Do you still wish to kill your family , parents, kids ?

All Bloody fool doctors and you tube videos saying ’ Masturbation is healthy and it will cause no problem ’ its natural and Must Are Instruments of destruction. While world is being fckd by these dirt bags.
I am going to keep myself on this path n keep on the good work. Clean mind, clean speach , top notch performance, smart mind, sharp focus, Winner and conqueror, King of Kings.

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