Age 37, Married, Day 24th :: No fap in dream also!

Age 37, Married, Day 24th :: No fap in dream also !

Few benefits,

Very less pains in stomach and holding capacity for food digestion improved.

Very less back pain which was persistent without any reason and any gesture while sleeping wouldn’t get rid from it.

Less tired, most of the times energetic,

Self value increases.

Memory space & Energy for Real and important things in life is realised.

Little bit angry and annoyed but that is controllable and repairable as now Lust, Laziness, Self harm demons casted out n burnt for all time.

Dream control:
I had a dream in which amazing lucrative for sx were there.
Some times my wife also comes in dreams with fetish, many beautiful ladies with fetishes but yesterday i could Think based on same ‘Revelation’
In dream Also. Thinking in similar way as of the real life in dream realm is nice experience.


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