After months of attempting Nofap

I relapsed every 1 to 4 days at a time.

I complained a lot, cried a lot, and posted a lot.

I fear I won’t succeed due to my life, my mindset, and my lack of a girlfriend.

I have realized that regardless of a girlfriend and regardless of PMO, my negative emotions, thoughts, and feelings never go away.

My mind is weak and needs strength.

I’m jealous of those who succeed because I can never get there.

Instead of feeling sorry for me, I need someone to talk to me daily to keep me on track.


I am here brother… @Vortexkicker
Don’t worry :blush: you can text me anytime but whenever I will be free I will text you back asap.
Don’t hesitate before texting me. You can share anything with me.


Check this post out, it might help

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Everyone who is able to perform nofap now was once struggling just like you and for months too. Who knows maybe they struggled double the amount of time than you?
They are in this position now because they struggled. You are struggling too now. They are ahead today because they suffered earlier. You have to do the same.
There is no shortcut if you really want to win. Sometimes one can attempt for the shortcut and it actually becomes an even longer route because he/she wastes time to finally learn that shortcut doesn’t help.
Just keep it moving. You’ll finally have it.


Everyone struggles. I know it feels like you’re the only one that can’t seem to get high streaks, but that’s not true at all. We all struggle. I used to fail every 2nd day. Sometines 5 times a day , and repeat it 2 days later. If you keep recomitting to the journey. I’m sure you’ll eventually be able to succeed. Just don’t give up ever. You’re not strong for month long streaks , you’re strong for falling down , learning from it amd then picking yourselves up. :blush:


I don’t know if you watch animes of course.
But you can try this one out. This and the next episode are my most favorite among all.

If you know nothing about the characters I’d definitely recommend to know about them before jumping onto these episodes first.
Maybe just quickly read about them instead of watching all the episodes.
And then watch these, how a good for nothing person overcomes his handicap and becomes one of the strongest. You’ll see how he was laughed upon and humiliated, with barely any friends at all. But how he kept moving on. Life was never fair to him (well I guess that’s the majority of people in this world, one or the other way). It was his persistence that built him up. So cheers.

@Nep1234id, I don’t watch anime.

I have no interest in it.

I don’t watch animes either. Not really interested myself. But whatever I told you to do is worth a shot. Atleast according to me. Treat this one as an exception. I’ll leave it to you tho.

Fairness or unfairness of life just depends on person’s mindset, I agree some people do have to face misfortune but how they treat that happening defines everything


My last comment on this topic if it can make any difference
See ya :wink:

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Well done buddy :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle:

Go and take aa half ltr of water. Do 20 pushups as you possible. And take aa bath of cold shower and run from ur home all will be ok

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