After 48 days of nofap, I there is the truth about benefits that I feel

Hi everybody. yesterday I f**** my streak who stopped at the 48-day counter without PMO. it was a great disappointment to have everything spoiled and now I have to start again at 0. But how did I make that mistake? 4 days ago I did not feel any more erections, I thought I had a problem or an ed, so I started to masturbate without porn to have an erection, and finally I had an erection I have not had four days, a very strong and strong erection, but after a few minutes, I messed up. counter to 0 but I would like to share with you the benefits that I felt and others that I did not feel.

Benefits: I became someone very confident. not a lot of fear. great energy to do work and also a good ability to memorize.and I think I don’t have anymore a dependance of P.

Deceptions: Some people said they feel more attractive for women. they can see in their eyes when they talk with another person. they have a less or stop hair loss. Unfortunately I do not feel anything of this.

48 days achivied… Need to start again and I hope to go to 90 days or more without PMO…


@patchgames thanks for this share, at least now I know what to expect around the 48 day mark and I can be prepared for it. Your experience can possibly help others, so your share is appreciated.

Yeah! It’s true! But sometimes remains like a hell…never give up!

Ok cool, so I decided a while back to quit jacking off, I lasted about 3 weeks I think, I didn’t know about this app. It wasn’t bad at all, but then one day I started chatting to a girl who I had been atracted to in the past, we got a little flirty, and that opened up that part of my mind, and things escalated. Under different circumstances I would have gone out with her and made a move, but I I’m recovering from alcoholism and weed, and she’s a stoner, so that is just a disaster waiting to happen. So then I made a difficult decision, I delected Facebook and didn’t tell her why, she doesn’t have my new mobile number so she can message me. It sucks because she’s such a cool person. Anyway, since then I’ve controlled my mind with all my energy, I don’t think about anything at all that’s arousing, I don’t watch tv and avoid looking anywhere but in a girls eyes when I talk to a girl. It’s been good, day 18 and I’ve had zero desire. But the time will come when something tests me. Thanks to this forum, am getting the tools the know what to look out for and what to avoid. So appreciate everyone’s shares it really helps.


Cool, man. I love your attitude!

She will feel hurt.
This is so abrupt. And you didn’t explain to her what is happening.
You didn’t make a badly thing, in reality is a too great actitud. But i’m think how she will feel and this is my conclusion.

I agree with you, but it is a difficult situation, I’ve experienced it before and relapsed (with alchohol) because if it. See people who don’t have a problem with alcohol really battle to understand. Generally they think that after staying clean for a year or two it proves I’m ok and don’t actually have a problem, or have healed. But a true alcoholic knows that’s not true. It takes one drink and the madness starts all over. Also I’m not strong enough yet to be in a situation where others are drinking without a massive risk to myself. One drink and not only will I be smoking weed within the hour, I’ll get drunk and relapse with porn as well. It’s a complicated house of cards I have at the moment. Also I’m weak, if I call her to explain , she just needs to say something small, like “come visit I won’t let you get high” and I’ll crack. It is bugging me though, I feel like is should write her a long email explaining everything.

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Every addiction is difficult to control and especially get rid of. If it were not so, it would not be called an addiction. Everyone knows their limits and knows how much can bear. You do well to move away, because you know yourself and know your frailty.
Keep fighting. Maybe someday you will explain to her what happened.