Affect In Strength?

Hey Guys I Have A Question.
Can Masturbating Affecte Gym Power/Strength Or Loss Of Muscle mass? etc Tell me

For me I’ve seen power(grip) and overall strength. Then again I haven’t been training yet, almost 3 years of Semen Retension Journey so far. I’ll update you once I strength train.

I love you brother but I can’t learn it for you brother

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Masturbation means you lose certain vital nutrients and the like, which are found in the ejaculate.

It’s scientifically proven that retraining from masturbation for 7 days makes you testosterone level nearly 150% , which is a crazy increase. Of course, after day 7 it goes back to normal, but it’s obviously higher than if you masturbate. You can find the study online.

Testosterone is responsible for male secondary sexual characters like deep voice, wider shoulders, more muscle development and aggression etc. So yes, if you don’t masturbate you might get a slight increase in muscle mass, but nothing very noticeable.

The biggest change will be if you stop masturbation you feel better about yourself and you feel like improving further. This leads to you going to the gym and working out. This placebo will give you more muscle gains. People often attribute this to semen retention but that’s not really the case, unless you can refer to me a scientitic study proving that, in which case I will be sure to accept.


  1. More testosterone = marginally more muscle
  2. Feel better about yourself = more working out = more muscle

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