Advice to Power me up during Flatline

Hey Buddies,
I have doing No Fap since 3 weeks.
Now i have encountered Flatline period which eventually made me more tired and helpless. My willpower has been decreasing.Everytime I think I am missing Pleasures by doing No PMO which I very well know is Scam.
Seems like I am defending and fighting with myself. I am consistently Recalling all Plastic 18+ stars name to peek and same time I am resisting so that I wouldn’t fall in slippery slope.
I have tried all methods like Journal, Music, less loneliness, meditation but I need your methods to add in my list so that I would try to save me.
Also, I appreciate if you suggest me how to Recover as soon as possible along with these deadly urges and tiredness so that I can focus on my studies

Love :heart: from an addicted Shit which will definitely Recover.


@MandyNOFAP Focus on your goal, achieve something which you and your family are proud of, which god is proud of.:fire:

Exercise also helps.

And the flatline you are experiencing will fade away, just observe and let it go.

When you feel urge, do meditation - exhale out as much air from the stomach via nose only. Never use mouth. Then hold for some seconds and inhale.
Repeat this.
Note that the part of your naval should contract while exhaling.(there is a spiritual logic to this)

Only do if you have no medical conditions.

See ya, it’s night here.

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Thanks @Purity11
Friend, I do Strongly feel your step is going to help me and I am working really hard to improvise my study hours.
I will do Pushups tomorrow nd will follow your step too nd it is night here too…
Gud night buddy
Thanks again for your time and Cosideration. :innocent::metal:

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Oh, what a bad place to be… does it feel like you’re obsessed by the idea or need and can’t get rid of it unless you do it? Yes, it is a tyring thing. And it often appears on the 3rd week. At least it happens for me. Honestly, it’s hard to think of something new. It seems like you have many weapons already. Well, there is one more. It might sound silly, but, it helped me at least several times :). When you feel an urge say “No” or “Trigger”, but say it out loud. You my add your name as well. Say it by voice, several times if needed and leave the place, the page, the phone. Instantly. You need to act. As the @Purity11 said, involve sport as well. You just need to activate as many senses as possible, to push the idea of the picture or anything else, out of your mind. Actually, I would advice avoid any pictures of those actors. Because you burn more energy trying not to go further rather than using it grow in strength. The one who plays with the danger, dies from the danger. It just happens eventually :slight_smile:
And, please, don’t call yourself shit’ski, you’re great person, talented and capable of many things, but in a battle right now. Stay strong!


@Dari Thank you buddy for the motivation. Your method fascinated me and I will try this definitely.
& We will definitely succeed this together.

As it is popular proverb that
Beware of No Man more than of Yourself… We carry our Worst Enemies within us :relieved:

Keeping this in mind. I will start my day…
Thanks once again🤟

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