Adult Guy Seeking Accountability

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It’d be great to have an accountability partner, though I’m not into any of this over-the-top macho “warrior” business or any religious guilt/purity trappings, I just want to create better patterns in my life.

I’m a happily married, grown man who works from home doing creative work, and I’d love to get this waste of time out of my life.

Porn isn’t the problem, it’s a poor solution to my problems. I want to face my stuff head-on instead of using porn as a way of zoning out, because it never makes me feel better – on the contrary, I just feel stuck and helpless afterward.

My devices are armed to the teeth with blockers, filters, VPNs, DNSs, you name it. But I’m a smart rat and can thwart any system I’ve set up; I know the change has to happen in my head.

If you can relate to any of this, let’s help each other.


Sir, I am a 19 year old boy, but let me tell you sir, this problem is been faced by each and every member of this community. Each and every one has blockers here but fail to block the urges when the time comes.

I am not any successful No fapper here , but every time I fail I make decisions accordingly.
If mindset is your problem, I suggest you to read this book. This book has created many wonders to many no fappers here.


Painlessly quit pornography immediately, without willpower or any sense of deprivation or sacrifice.

Hope this can help you.

Thank you sir


I wanna quit porn too… I am single and I wanna try to help out… It is a good opportunity to learn more

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Thanks for the support – and the recommendation. Nice to meet you!

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Thanks for being an ally here!

I do like the idea of having an extra level of awareness, knowing that it’s easy to talk myself into and out of things, but the bigger context of “Whst would Rebel think? What would Risinglion think?” can snap me back to a bigger sense of perspective.

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I’m also in trouble because of this addiction, again. I would like some help.

I got interested in what you described. Your views about warriorness and religion. I’m also “grown”, do creative work and feel that Im wasting so much.

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If you agree with that, where can we share this accountability? Can we do it here? Do you use Discord?
What time is it there? Here is 7A.M.

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Something of a manifesto, to set my intention here:

No guilt, no shame! The beatings don’t help!

This is simply about having the life we want. It isn’t a battle, because there’s no enemy, just us. Frankly, no one else really sees or cares about this part of our lives. To them, it’s laughable, no big deal. To the porn industry, we’re simply carnival rubes stepping up with our attention and money.

But to us, this is a journey. These things may feel like demons, but actually hold the promise of teaching us about ourselves and how to realize our goals in this world.

P.S. Can’t seem to find where folks’ profile code is listed, but feel free to add me & I’ll follow you back.

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Same time here (I’m on the east coast of Canada). I believe there’s a messaging feature here, unless that’s just in the app. But I’m here for ya!

Hey Stanley, a generic Jack here! I’m actually 25, so less than half your age, but still I think we can relate to each other. I feel like I’m successful, don’t my PhD studies and surely making my name in the research community. I also have a loving girlfriend, and even though I’ve been with her for a rather short period of a year and 9 months, it’s been a difficult period (for all of us…) and I believe that since we endured such strange times, we will still endure what future holds.

Anyway, I’m dealing with the problem for hell knows how long, possibly longer than half my life… But right know, today I’ve been clean for 4 weeks straight despite usually riding into a swamp every 4 days or so…

And the biggest change for me was to start thinking about myself not as a miserable guy who needs this shit for whatever reason was currently on my mind, but as a non-user, who happened to be addicted for too long. This mindset keeps me going, because I know there’s nothing good to go back to.

So if you’d like to, I’ll be happy to join you on your journey!

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I love your story, and totally relate! Thank you for the welcome — and the tech support.

I hear what you’re saying, that defining oneself by the addiction is pretty counterproductive. The whole point is not escaping our A-life, especially when it’s good, just to wallow in some fake B-life.

I have no idea why this has persisted throughout my life (and I have thought, read, and written a LOT about it), but it’s great to connect with others and not feel so alone with it. Thanks for being here.

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P.S. I can find my sharing code, but don’t see others’ ones. I wanna add you folk!

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Again, tech support here - in case you want to add anybody, you need to either an to follow them or as directly through a code. You can try with me - I’ll be happy to have a companion too!

The code is 3c4rhx


Cheers! So much help :slight_smile:

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