Admins please read

Hello, the report option does not work (cannot connect to server error), so I am posting here in the hope that an Admin sees it.

Also, please fix the reporting issue. It feels like the app is not being maintained. If that is the case, I may need to find a new home.

This feels inappropriate to me. Their intentions may be good, but this is not a place to find romantic companionship. Such attempts should be discouraged.

From what I have read, there was a significant problem with males making females feel uncomfortable a while ago. I think this may do the same. Please remove this, but also kindly explain why. This person’s intentions do not appear malicious. They probably just don’t see why their post is inappropriate. Thank you.

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Damn, at first I thought this guy was thinking of starting a relationship in general but he is asking for women here to contact him :man_facepalming:, wth is wrong with people now a days. How can a woman possibly think that a guy who is asking for a girl’s contact on RC is the right person to be in a relationship with :joy:.
But I just reported it @wandrlustvt report feature seems to be working fine here.

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Indians looking for bobs & vegena everywhere in the internet.


No judgment here. To me it looked like they just didn’t understand how it might make others feel. Some people don’t see it and need a little guidance. It was not nefarious, just a little inappropriate. We are all imperfect. That’s why we are all here. :wink:

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Thank you for reporting. Not sure why it doesn’t work for me, but glad to hear it’s not a widespread issue.

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Try clearing your app cache

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