[ADI1221] The diary of a Musician

Hey guys, I am a guy who wants to be a musician and this is the goal that I have decided to get me started in no fap.

First off: Let me tell you something about me in short. I am an academic guy who got all better grades until pornography was introduced 3 years ago. I am 17 right now. And I have decided that I am going to quit this thing.

I have a big dream of becoming a singer and songwriter and to become that I have to quit porn in order to reduce bbrain fog and enhance creativity.

Today is my day 2 and I am gonna start from it.

My sharing code is: oncguw
Those whoever want to follow me can come.


Day 2:
Today was tiring.
It started off at 9 am coz I slept for extra 4 hours. Anyways, I got freashen up and did my breakfast and watched WWE.

Next I studied for about 1.5 hour.

After that time flew by and in the evening I saw a method on how to get free gift cards from Amazon which was fake and I spent all my time in that.

A lot of good things happened today:
• I practiced piano and guitar
• I trained my voice
•I studied
• I started a course of songwriting
• I saw the video of SILVA ULTRAMIND day 3 and I am going to do the meditation tomorrow morning
• Dad fixed my earphones

Today something terrifying happened. I was reading “Your brain on porn” on my tab and I left the book open and my younger sister started reading it. I was shitless then. But she said the word porn as if it were a normal word so I was relieved that I was saved coz if she had known what porn was, she would have told Dad and I don’t know whether that would have been good or bad.


Hi bro, I am a professional musician based out of chennai. please feel free to contact me, be it about music or no fap. I started semen retention about your age and have been practicing no fap ever since, of course I’ve had my fair share of relapses. I will help you to the best of my abilities. All the best.

Thank you bro. I will contact you if I need a help.
I didn’t think that my first reply will be of a musician.:blush::blush: I Am so lucky


I’d suggest stopping watching WWE if some parts trigger you.

Glad to see you here and all the best! I’ve completed all 8 Grades for the Piano under TCL (Trinity College London) so if you need any advice on that please ask :slight_smile:


Nice to see amazing musicians here. I am a flutist and I play Indian bamboo flute.

Have been a bit rusty off late but as always this community drives me to get the best out of myself. Hope to rediscover the lost touch soon. Thanks guys for giving me another pursuit.

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@zigzag, what kind od music do you perform? Vocals or instrumental?

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Yeah, I too think that I must quit watching WWE coz even though I watch its highlights on YouTube which are about 30 mins, I feel tired after doing that.


Day 2

Today was an above average day. I woke up at 6. Created a .edu email and did my yoga and pranayama

Took a bath and brkfast and WWE.
Next I did my guitar and piano lessons and went to study.

Today I studied and understood the most difficult chapter in chemistry. So that’s a big achievement for me. Today I had a class in the evening so my vocal training was not possible but I gave my muscles a massage and did some warmpups and lip trills

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Day 4,

Today was a very bad day. It rained all day today and because of that, I woke up very late and hence I felt sleepy.

Today all I did was binge on YouTube and wasted almost all of my time.

HELP!!! Does anyone have any ideas on how to quit YouTube addiction.

Anyways, today I did my guitar practice and that’s it.

Now I am gonna do my meditation and go to sleep.

Hi guys, sorry I wasn’t able to add anything for the past 6 days. Actually I was busy preparing for my exams that I left phone completely.

My preparations have taken pace now so now I will be able to add a new post everyday.


Day 12,
Today started off pretty bad but I put that into right path.
Today I woke up very late at about 0730 and I was not refreshed after waking up coz I overslept.
Anyways I quickly got out of bed and within 1 hour I completed my breakfast after getting freshen up.

Today I completed almost all of my study targets that I set yesterday and I am so happy because of that .

Today I found a great video which I had already seen in a mindvalley course about a year ago. The video was about how to kick-start you day by Jim Kwik. It reminded me to write my dreams after I woke up.
Anyways that’s it for today guys.

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