Adding followers

is it possible to add a feature that i can add people who follow me in my companion section to my companion list?

currently i can see the people who have added me to their companion list. would be nice if i could click on their name (so that i can see their profile) and directly add them without the need of asking for their code


Well you can go to their profile and see their posts and probably they have a post with their code in it and you can add them :slight_smile:

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Kinda like all other social networks right? The only reason it’s hard to get hold of anyone is because it’s made that way. I wanted high focus on user privacy, but it seems like not many people actually care about it (since the accounts are anonymous maybe that’s why). Seeing all this, I am in the process to add ability to add friends, the first step to that process was user profiles and the ability to see who follows you (which is done), second step is in the works.
Expect it to be in the beta soon.