Addicted to the idea of sex.... HELP

Hello everyone this may seem kind of odd… To me at least but I am always horny like a :dog2: in the heat. Now here me out… it’s not like I am always thinking of sexual thoughts or always have a boner. It just like there are always triggers that make me horny all of a sudden. I maybe studying or reading a book. But there are some triggers … sometimes words or thought that instantly result Ina hardcore boner. I pop up boner to anything attractive boy or a girl (Does that make me gay… I don’t know)… Semi nude boys or girls sometimes even resulted in a boner. At times I thought it was because ai am a virgin… But now I think that’s not it
I may sound as a creep but even while writing this topic, I had a boner and had some pre ejaculation …

Any help how to control myself…as this further results in porn and masturbation

Helo ibraheem can we become companions to tackle this broblem together?

replacing the porn with games maybe

Hi @Ibraheem234, how old are you? It could be that it’s just puberty and your hormones are running wild.
Also, are you a PMO addict? Keep off the porn! The problem with long-term porn is that you will look for worse and worse stuff, things which your rational mind would never accept if it weren’t horny.
If this has been a long-time problem, I’ve found that once you turn off the tap of porn, the Little Devil in your head is trying to get you to relapse no matter what, and you’ll find yourself aroused by things you weren’t before.
So try to catch your thought immediately, know that it is NOT you who has this thought but instead that Little Devil who is not you, and then discard it. This works sometimes for me, maybe it will work for you.
Good luck! :+1:

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Hey man, the way you described your problem, it only seems that your brain knows nothing more but pmo(no offense). Now to “rewire” it, you need to train your mind to stay away from thoughts like this. For this, I would suggest you to join a meditation centre and do some meditation every single day. Meditation is the most underrated and powerful training exercise there is. People just take it lightly ( I was one of those people, but after doing meditation for past 1 month, I am spellbound). I used to be somewhat like you. Most of the time thinking about sex. Sometimes my own aunt ( I know this is completely wrong and I feel ashamed for it now, but yes) used to turn me on. I used to sometimes fantasizing on my friend’s mother ( which too is wrong, but try to understand how difficult this is for me to confess this). But after doing enough meditation (and still doing), my thoughts have cleared a lot. I don’t have a cluster of thoughts going through my mind now. Now I am more self aware of my body and brain and actually control my urges like a boss. Try it man, I have been through what you are going through and trust me, you will come out strong from the other side.

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