Add me fellow fighters for healthy competition

Sharing code: 38915c
Name : Altair (Nick name)

Age: 22

From India

I added you mate this is my code 798fe5, let’s fight together

Yes thanks I’ve added you too

I would like to join you

I added you

My code: 38ed5b

Sharing code : 16e78e
Name :Mike
Age - 20

Why I want a companion?
Challenging myself would get more exciting. Add me guys pls

Added you as well.
23 male from Germany here. We can do this!
Code is 9a305d


22 M USA
I’d also like to join you. Good luck! Looking forward to helping each other.

I would like to join guys, new to this need and want to offer my support;
my code: 0fdbed
Hopeful male from Ireland

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@Spinoza added you. Let’s keep each other motivated!

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I added you @Altair
My code 67a474

Happy Xmas Amadeus, thanks for adding me. On day 4 here and feeling good. How are you getting on?

Happy x’mus mate . My code is 246211.

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My longest streak was 77 days and i would say that was awesome. Days with discipline and consistency, then it happened!

I had my first sex experience with my girlfriend! Wow it felt different,it felt amazing but the urge just pinnacled.After she left my apartment i was sober for some more days but then the thought of the experience made me to fap and I lost the streak,then on my streaks are short but i believe its more simpler now than before. So i am trying to beat my own record here and hope many of you join with me as well and will help you if you need any assistance :slight_smile: my share code is 062537


Hey man, I’m with you! Added you

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971ff5 my code. I am an indian too .lets have some good streak together.

Thanks guys added y’all :blush:

We can overcome this evil together by encouraging one another. My sharing code 9j2ugb.lets keep in touch

I added you as well.
Anybody can add me bf7ec5
Good luck

Day 58 :fire:
My Code: ld58kw (LD… in small)
You will see that I will rise continuously :star2: