Accountability software

Accountability software
Have you ever used it?
What is your opinion of and experience of it?

I’ve recently uninstalled accountable2you from my PC because I didn’t have an accountability partner for about a year but kept the software hoping I would add someone but didn’t so that was expensive and pointless.
However before that I was accountable to someone I knew and the software was effective for me it but not foolproof. I also had it installed on my phone and tablets but of course I found other ways to view explicit material and fap of course.
The software can be turned off and bypassed but not without your accountability partner knowing so effectively it can’t be bypassed in my experience it didn’t provide a filter/porn blocker.
All to say that it worked up to a point for me it meant I was viewing porn a lot less and not at all on my phone for awhile and not on the pc for awhile.
It was a deterrent but didn’t solve the issue. The issue remained one of choice. I chose to buy and install the software and setup accountability partners.
I then chose to attempt every conceivable method of bypassing it including googling novel ways of bypassing it which failed mostly.
I chose to access porn on tv and monitored devices and then attempted to lock those down. It was an endless battle with myself.
All to say the battle was one of choosing.
Ultimately software didn’t solve the issue and it cannot. This app won’t solve the issue and it can’t.
Only I can solve or address this issue by consistently making right choices this app is just a tool to enable that. I choose to engage with it or not to.
We choose
We choose to fight or not to
We decide our fate


I agree,
this app cant help in breaking this addiction but it can provide some useful information.
For example : an experienced nofapper can help a noobie nofapper.

At the end, it is our determination to decide our fate.