Accountability Partners WANTED!

2019 Had already began but progress is slow
Sharing code - ls2nc2

Current streak - 4 days
Highest streak - 71 days
Age - 24
Gender - M
Location - IND

Like many i tooo started this journey back in December 2017. Reached some serious streaks like 71,70,54,30…just when i think it’s ok to put my gaurd down, I relapse. Learned a lot of life lessons in 2018 and hope to carry it further. This year i will complete the challenge and more. But i need your help and support. Those who wish to join me
Share your code… Let’s do this!!!


Hi man I’d like to join. My counter shows zero but its because I got a new phone. I’m actually on day 14.

My code is vre2yf0

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Can’t add you… It say the code is invalid

Settings > backup and restore

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I wanna join this my sharing code zspa8h
I’m on day 2 I started newly


Glad to have you…
We will do it

Ugh. Here is a new one:87npoz

Thanks man


Added you all👍
My code: yxi66t
Current Streak: 0 days
Best Streak: 27 days
Let’s fight this together :muscle:

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