Accountability partner and friend

26 year old male
Living in new york
Looking for an accountability partner and friend
Pin: 4d0258134353e9946

Sometimes i thiNk I’m all alone and then I start looking and I’m lost in this dark hole

aa194b my code add me as your companion

Add me! a79ad0a. I’d be happy to help and am also looking for someone who is going through the same thing

@Tigard @soulmatesourav130012
Added all of you.
Add me too: 23f8b8
Let’s get our shit together.

Bro add me too: 694139f
Added you too!


Added you bro!
Add me too: 694139f

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Add me bro,
Just started again

I need more partners, I need motivation and friends.
My code : 1b0zln
Keep strong :muscle:t3: