Accidental ejaculation

So it’s my 10th day on no fap. It’s 5.00 am right now in India. I was watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S funny clips and some of it’s best momests on youtube. Then all of a sudden a trigger came and my penis started shaking on its own. Eventually it ejaculated. I swear i dodi want that to happen. Should i reset my no fap counter?

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how much you ejaculated

is it precum or full ejaculation?

if you were watching bad content then you should restart ,
if you watched bad content accidently then no problem

Honestly it wasn’t much.

ookay then go on and plz dont see any garbage ,even on youtube .nothing is safe

After reading your problem when I went to sleep for 2 hours I got a dream of being excited by watching a video and rubbing my dick for 3 seconds and that it ejaculates all the semen. When I woke up I found out that 2-3 of pre-cum or may be urine was there in my underwear. I think I should not read these types of things.

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I’m sorry buddy. I felt the same so i asked.

No no it’s not your mistake at all.
It’s mine. I am currently at day 58.
Seeing or reading triggering content can cause nightfall or wet dream. I have to be aware from nowon.

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Restart you nofap counter
This is help to make your mind strong

Accidental ejaculation is like night falls, they slow down your reboot, but they are not a relapse. Now that you had an accidental ejaculation you know how bad can pmo get. It may happened because pmo has damaged you. But don’t worry about it, just take it as a signal that your body is making to you. You have to hear it, keep going and don’t go back to pmo.

I encourage you to read nofap articles. The ones by Soaring Eagle are really good and go over this problem.
Keep strong, don’t reset.

Thanks man. Really appreciate your concern. And yes, definitely I’ll read the article.

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