About rewire why I didn't see any good things in my life

I have completed 21 days of nofap but still it nothing change I have low energy and low self-esteem no better eye contact why ?? I am always sad

Nofap doesn’t magically cure everything in your life. You have to adopt positive habits such as excercise and meditation. These are where alot of the results come. For alot of people, nofap helps to launch you into these habits and is a good lifestyle change. But you cant have a shit lifestyle and feel amazing just cause you’re on nofap.


There will be ups and downs and the trajectory is different for everyone. It also depends in how bad your ‘condition’ is when you start. What doing nofap will give you at a minimum is a steady (though possibly slow) accumulation of energy over time that should help you think more clearly and exert yourself towards worthwhile pursuits (should you choose to). It would also protect you from extreme swings in mood and from derailing yourself every now and then. But you still have to do the work of learning to be patient and loving towards yourself (and your moods) while at the same time developing healthy habits and healthy attitudes.

This is is not something to get quick results from, but it’s a worthwhile endeavour and you are doing well in sticking with it. Be patient with yourself. It will turn out well.

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Time required for recovery is directly proportional to the amount of time you were deep in the addiction.
It is futile to trade years of addiction in exchange of few days of NOFAP.

  1. Focus on positive aspect of Nofap
  2. Feel like everyday you are becoming better
  3. Reward yourself accordingly upon achieving targets
  4. Stay busy to avoid low energy problems. Make schedule tight and hectic. When you are aimless , laziness attacks.

The only thing that can give you instant result is addiction. Rest everything takes time. Have patience

Self-esteem depends on how you see yourself. If you don’t like yourself or acknowledge what your are doing, you will not be able to have a good self-esteem
Why should nofap help you to see yourself differently?
Energy depends on sooo many things. Food, sleep, mental condition, sport …

you can’t do nofap and hope that you are superman and everything will just work out fine if you abstain from porn long enough. (even though there are people in the forum who would say otherwise)
Nofap makes your life better but it won’t cure your mental illnesses.

I don’t know your story. But imagine something happened in your youth. You got bullied, your parents divorced or what ever. You feel terrible because of it, you never learned to have self-esteem or it got crushed by bullies. So, why should the self-esteem magically appear just because of not-doing something? we have to get active. We can’t just do nothing (not fap) and expect change.

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Why did you started nofap ? Is it because fapping was ruinung your life or you wanted them superpowers ?