About PC application?

Is there any way to see my streak/badges/journal in PC since it’s a little insecure on phone/tab since my family members could see the forum.
All I’ve got is a PC which is completely my own. :pensive:
Also is there any idea of releasing an PC application rather than being on the browser?


There is no windows application , u can only run rewire companion on browser

And for phone I would suggest you to use hide apps or app lock to keep it away from your parent’s eyes

I am using this application and it works great for me

Its has the calculater icon plus its easy to use

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Hi @Prox

I don’t think the “Rewire Companion” app is available for PC. But still, there is a way to access the app on PC. You can use an emulator which will install just like an application and will let you emulate Android OS on your PC. Then, you can install this app and will be able to easily use it.

There are many good free emulators available. For example - Bluestacks, Nox Player etc. You may use any of them. Just for reference, I am writing instructions to install Bluestacks on a Windows computer. To download Bluestacks, you may head to its official site. Its site is https://www.bluestacks.com/download.html. Now assuming that you are using a Windows PC, please choose your operating system like 32 bit or 64 bit Windows. Similarly, please choose your desired Android architecture (32 bit or 64 bit). After doing all this, you will be able to download the installer and then, install the Bluestacks app.

After installing, you should be able to run the Android operating system inside your PC and hence, you will be able to download Rewire Companion app from the Google playstore (just like you would do it on an Android smartphone) and hence, run the app on your PC. If you still face any problem, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Yes bro i considered bluestacks as an option but wanted to ask if will there be any pc application or site where i can see my streak… Like currently i am using the forum from browser but can’t see my streak😔

Ok bro will see into it😁

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Bro @Prox use BlueStacks
Don’t hide anything in the phone. Be transparent.
If you are hiding things, no matter how good, you may lose your trust.
RC app has the option to make it password protected. I want to be transparent so my phone doesn’t really have a password to unlock only RC app is password protected.


This is not possible for now.


Hello, everyone. There’s probably no PC version, but hey, why would you hide it? Like, it’s scary when people see you fapping. But if they would see it, they understand that you are trying to get out of the addiction instead of being an addict.
Guess I’m pretty lucky that only I know English in the family. :blush:

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@Prox You don’t have anything to hide bro. You are on this forum and this app NOT to fap. You are here to improve yourself, to get rid of a bad habit, to get an awesome life. That is something to be happy about.

Also, try PhoenixOS. It’s an emulator operating system my friends use to emulate the AndroidOS on to PCs. You will be able to emulate everything and anything as it functions as a full on operating system not a simple emulator program. It’s like as if your PC has Android installed on it along with Windows. It’s hella fun.

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